What Is Dreams? How We Dream?

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Name And the Father name Your class Your teacher Your date Dreams Dreams are well designed movies where most of the times you are the hero. Sometimes these beautiful movies turn to be horror movies where you become the victim. Martin Luther King had a dream, but his dream was a hope not REM dreaming. Dreams have an important factor in our lives. The normal person dreams every day, but he forgets what the dream was after waking up. They consist a huge part of our lives and that made scientists try to explain and understand dreams especially Sigmund Freud, who is the most important psychologist. In many cultures, every dream has a specific meaning or message that has to be followed. This essay will discuss that dreams are caused by some brain activities and they are related to our daily life by stress and relax and religion. Our brain generates dreams when we sleep. Some of these dreams are good dreams and some of them are bad once. Our daily life is reflected by our dreams not theopposite. According to Dominic Beaulieu-Prevost and Antonio Zadra. "Social psychology has shown that when memories are hazy, current feelings guide our recall of past events" This tells us that dreams are generated in our brains by our memories. The brain recalls the memories when the person is sleeping and then the brain generate scenarios. When a person goes to a deep sleep, many changes happen in his brain. His memories transfer from the long term memory to the short term memory. Dreams can happen when a person is awake. Dominic and his group believed that people dream when they are awake and it is called active dreaming. A person who reaches the REM (Rapid Eye Movement), will have a dream. Most dreams will go away and a person will not remember most of them. REM plays an important role to make us sleep. According to Ricardo Borges Machado, Sergio Tufik, and Deborah Suchecki, "Given that in rats REM sleep deprivation activates the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis [36,37,38] and that stress hormones, in turn, modulate sleep" The REM helps to produce hormones to make our sleep better. This method helps the brain, nervous system and the brain to relax and lose depression. People who sleep less, will have a lot of problems. The body needs a rest after working or waking up for period of time. The best way for the body to rest is by sleeping. According to Sleep deprivation in depression: An integrative approach "Numerous investigations have shown that total sleep deprivation (SD) often produces a dramatic decrease in depressive symptoms within 24 h" Sleeping is an important way to get the bad and unwanted feelings. People who sleep well will be less depressed while other people who do not sleep regularly will have problems with depression. Sleeping generate dreams when the person is in the state of the REM. This state helps the person to produce dreams that gives the person hope of a better thing or take the hope from him for a worse thing. Many prisons around the...

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