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What Is An Insider Threat? Essay

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What is an insider threat? Insider threat has been defined as a malicious hacker who is an employee of office of a business, institution or agency. There can also be outsider threats by a person who poses as an officer or employee by gaining access to false credentials. An insider threat can also go by the term of a cracker or a black hat. Insider threats have damaged the United States for a long time. Today the threat is much easier to pull off due to the fact that we have newer technologies; such as how easy it is to transmit information over the internet and many people wanting to get their hand on specific materials that only the insiders have access too. Why do people become insider ...view middle of the document...

They use software tools that can manipulate computers and commit espionage (Akhgar, 2013).
Is there really a way to prevent cybercrimes? Cybercrime prevention must focus its goal on preventing cybercrimes before they actually happen. There also has to be a significant importance of preventing cybercriminals and to prevent former cybercriminals from reoffending. One way to protect yourself and your personal electronics is to have some form of antivirus on personal devices; such as tablets, computers and cellular devices. User awareness is a key element in reducing cybercrimes and the awareness must also work with other areas in order to prevent cyber-attacks on major or critical organizations. Furthermore there are models that try to reduce and even prevent these types of attacks from happening. The model consists of steps of management and information technology that can prevent some establishments from being a victim or being used unwillingly for acts of cybercrimes. To prevent acts that come from insider threats maybe have a more secure background check done and look more extensively into the person that is being hired. Maybe that will help in the reduction.
Today’s society uses social media in just about everything that they do; it has become one of the maximum valuable means of communication. Even when it comes to crises, people are on their phones, tablets and laptops finding out every little detail that they can find. Learning from past crises it has been shown that short text messages were proven to be the strongest and active way for people to talk. Web-based crisis systems have shown to be an effective means of communication in the event of a crisis, google crisis response has been used in past crisis situations. Although there is a growing use of mobile technology, FRs and PPDRs still have a weakened ability to gather, process and distribute information. This can be because of overloads or communication infrastructures being destroyed.
Asymmetric Warfare is warfare that is not fought fairly. Dirty fighting tactics are used in this style of combat. Many military's across the globe to include the United States have adopted asymmetric styles of fighting. Some examples of asymmetric warfare are guerrilla warfare, terrorism, counter terrorism, torture, and insurgency. The US has learned to use these tactics to fight in the Middle East due to being at war with an enemy with no formal uniform, they look just like any other person for the most part, and they will plant IED's, or pop off rounds at US troops and run off and hide and blend right back into the crowd. The US combats this through use of Deep cover operators (Delta Force, Navy Seals and so on) who collect information on who exactly the enemy is and who the leaders are, who their associates are, where they have compounds located and so on. Infantry and Special forces use ambushes and raids to assault enemy personnel. The US does not allow cruel and unusual punishment and torture...

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