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What Is An The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Injection?

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HCG Injections and what YOU need to know!
Let’s face it you’re here because you are looking to take on the HCG diet and make radical changes in your life! We all want to lose weight, get healthy, and be happier with our bodies. But what is this HCG diet and what are these injections that everyone is talking about?
History of HCG injections?
Dr. A.T.W Simeons a British physician, devoted many years of his life doing research in the area of obesity and weight loss. It was during these years he determined that the use of HCG with a low calorie diet brought on successful weight loss without all the unpleasant symptoms so commonly associated with low calorie diets. In more recently years Dr. ...view middle of the document...

Then using a common insulin needle and syringe you’ll carefully inject the proper dosage of HCG once daily into a layer of body fat, most commonly belly fat. You’ll find these needles to be very short in length, and of a small diameter making the injection process nearly pain free.
Mixing and storage.
Any reputable source for purchasing prescription grade HCG will provide you with the proper mixing directions for their product. Make sure that when buying the HCG that you also purchase the mixing kits from the same manufacturer if at all possible. The basics will always be the same. Mix a small amount of bacteriostatic water with the powdered HCG until dissolved, drawing this up into a syringe before placing the mix into a clean vial and diluting to the proper level.
Once you’ve properly mixed the HCG solution, you’ll want to keep it stored in the refrigerator, preferably wrapped in foil to keep away any damaging light. This will ensure that the HCG remains viable. In the event that you forget to put the product back into the refrigerator after use, it is recommended that the product be tested with a home pregnancy test to make sure it is still useable. However, keep in mind that it is always best to lean on the side of caution and disposal is probably your best option.
What is the proper dosage? How much HCG do I need?
The original HCG protocol created by Dr. Simeons’ recommends a daily dose of 175 i.u. daily, taken at the same time every day. Some people will find that this amount is a bit low to stave off the feelings of hunger that accompany the injections and low calorie diet that accompanies it. This dosage can be adjusted as needed and some user find that they need as much as 200 i.u.
How much HCG you’ll need is dependent primarily on how much weigh you hope to lose. Men, with more than 20 lbs. to lose and women with more than 10 lbs. to lose would benefit most from a 6 week usage protocol, while men looking to lose less than 20 lbs. and women hoping to lose less than 10 lbs. should purchase a 3 week protocol.
Where should I buy my HCG?
This is probably the best question that anyone could ask, and we’re here to provide you with the top 5 options for buying quality HCG.
Nu Image Medical, provides a phone consultation and physician review before sending your HCG injection supplies. You’ll receive prescription in your own name from a licensed US Pharmacy, as well as having access to licensed medical professionals quickly and easily via phone or video conference. Nu Image carries and sells all the supplies you’ll need for success. They are open 24/7, and you’ll email and line online chat availability whenever you need them, phone in hours are weekdays 9-6 eastern standard time. Not only is the site attractive, and easy to find your way around, there is also a plethora of information available on the diet, testimonials and user forum. In addition you’ll find purity results posted on Nu Image’s...

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