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What Is Animal Abuse Essay

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What if you were chained to a tree twenty-four seven, how would you feel? What about if your owner gave you food whenever they felt like it would you happy? No, so put yourself in the animals shoes,imagine what they would go through. Plus, a lot of people don’t realize that they could got to jail for it. Animal Abuse is a serious manner, that needs to be noticed and put to an end. Usually the abuse isn’t noticed until it’s too late and the animals aren’t going to be saved.
Animal Abuse is the act of intentionally causing the deprivation of shelter, water, food, socialization, medical care or even torturing, mutilating or killing an animal. In more detail when owners don’t give the animal any food, trap it in a small cage or chain it to a tree where it has nowhere to go, or hitting and hurting the animal in any type of form. People also forget that they need to give their animal food and water, so the animal ends up deprived of its necessities it needs to ...view middle of the document...

Some people don’t even realize they are abusing their pets, these people are usually hoarders. They take in too many animals then after they have too many, the animals end up in cramped living spaces and are abused but the owners unfortunately don’t realize what they are doing. Hoarders are also abusing themselves when it comes to this, because they can get bitten or scratched by their pet and pets can also carry diseases with them or in their feces which you can end up getting. Another common reason for the abuse is through young children that may not understand what they are doing, like say they were to mess with a stray cat or throw rocks at a birds nest, see sometimes it’s not intentional, but the person needs to take a step back and realize what they’re doing.
In the United States and many other countries humane officers of the law investigate cruelty cases. In every state, there are different laws against animal abuse. But no matter what state or place, it’s wrong. For North Carolina, if any person kills or hurts an animal in any shape or form they are accused guilty of a Class H Felony. As well if you promote or conduct dogfighting or cockfighting you are accused of a misdemeanor or felony. If accused of Class H Felony, you could be put under probation, put in prison or execution for premeditated murder, but it really just depends on how serious the offense is. Sometimes in cases of neglect, and an officer may just talk to the abuser and then give them a chance to correct their mistake.
How to help is first, be aware of the signs that animal abuse may be taking place. You can easily make a call to report if something may be happening. If you want to just take it directly to court, do it, just be prepared to testify against. There may be reasons you might need to just tap your dog on the nose for the things they have done wrong. But there is no reason to seriously hurt your animal. Also, if your animal is doing a lot wrong, take control don’t just let them take advantage of you.
As you can see it’s awful to abuse an animal. Find if a person is actually abusing, if so, find the reason for it and try to put an end to it. Animals have feelings and they feel pain too, don’t hurt someone or something because of your pain.

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