What's Bad About Fast Food? Essay

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The food criteria for are current ages is almost but not the most corrupt evilest plot of everyday food consumption to this planets generation. From known studies it shows the are united states of america has a consumption rate of 40% and above counting the actual printed paper in fast food store’s for everyday work, which then rounds up to about 500 lb's of consumption of paper per year .
Not only the big 40% of useage for paper alone but the energy industry is at value of more than 12% use for power and the biggest emitter of greenhouse gases. As i've been studying thoroughly on this topic finding article reviews of fast food restaurants overeading this one from a chick named claire, posted jun 1st 2012.
People now a day’s know what's being intaken calorie wise but what is actually in are food that we are eating to this day? Facts from this story consult of cruelty to animals conditions like small cages and debeaked birds, also using an artificial; chemically infused ingredient that the animals eat expecting faster growth but is eaten just like the fluoride contamination in america.
These business also supplying low quality rubber patty like cheap products and the lack of preparation and clean up crew following along the frozen food and microwaved patties. From the years of 2000 mcdonalds has been fluctuating not also just the fact people think its not unhealthy to eat it once in a while but that fact only works if you actually are exercising daily, but since these years also increasing market’s and productions like commercials and t shirts mcdonalds alone made 263,944 fast food restaurants counting also the spread across foreign country’s. This article presented to me by renee jac on 2/10/2014 on the reality of producing these grease filled pink patties.
Food these days need to be stored for longer periods of time from studies shown subway eggs have ingredients of glycerin which is a solution in car manufacturing. Studies shown the pink paste like substance making all of are food these days is left over bones and carcass processed into this paste then formed with food coloring and artificial flavors to look brown like a chicken patty and have crunch like it was nice and dandy.
Sad think about are american fast food productions is 8/10 americans to this day say about fast food is served to them monthly as alone or even with family. Eating these foods cause major circulatory system malfunction from not only heart attack diseases but the hidden ingredients that we just accept as a natural disease much claim but it could be the propylene glycol that is continuously sprayed on top of are salads. From my sources of the web a lady named michelle crouch says on november 2012, “what surprising secrets about your favorite foods better think twice before eating”.. Shown facts proven and recorded from this lady saying actually good things about this topic like only as coming in at 11:am to 1:00pm would be the freshest time to be served.
Being served...

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