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What Is Clean Eating? Essay

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Do you know anyone that “eats clean”? Eating clean is basically staying away from processed foods, or foods with artificial ingredients or additives. Things people who eat clean are food items that are natural and organic. Eating clean also includes eating homemade foods cooked with natural ingredients. Even though some people argue eating clean can be difficult with the foods sold in stores today, eating clean has the benefits toward a healthy, natural lifestyle and keeping the body satisfied with the food being put in it.
What is clean eating? Clean eating is taking into consideration the foods that are being put in the shopping cart and into the body. Clean eaters read ingredient labels ...view middle of the document...

Eat breakfast everyday within an hour of waking up. Eat lean proteins and complex carbohydrates in all meals. Also, eat two or three healthy fats a day. Finally, drink two to three liters of water each day (Jacobsen). Always make sure to follow the principles to make sure the body is getting everything it needs.
Eating whole, natural foods is extremely beneficial to everyone’s health. Eating clean helps maintain a healthy body weight. Eating whole food satisfies the stomach, making decreasing the temptation to eat junk foods. Eating clean can regulate the digestive system and makes a stronger diet . Not eating artificial ingredients strengthens body cells. Finally, while feel good about eating habits, taking care of the body in other ways is promoted (Wright). Taking better care in other ways can lead to a better lifestyle, an improved health, and less worries on appearances.
Even though eating clean should be used in most meals, it’s good to give have a reward. Getting a frosty from Wendy’s, or an ice cream cone from Braum’s can’t hurt every once in a while. Just remember,...

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