What Is Cloud Storage? Essay

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An introduction

In simple terms, it's just a storage located remotely which you can access anywhere. It's like storing your files online and accessing it anywhere while using your laptop, mobile device or another PC.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage basic terms, is a way to save information to the web that can managed data storage. Cloud computing services are online services, which store this information to a safe and secure location online. It’s offered a quicker, easier and safer backup than conventional methods of file storage such as bookshelves or cardboard files.

Several types of cloud storage systems have been developed to supporting both personal and business uses. Cloud storage also a model of networked enterprise storage where the data is stored not only in the user's computer, but also in virtualized of storage, which generally hosted by third parties company.

Using cloud computing, you can access your files and programs from any computer anywhere in the world, all you need is an Internet connection.
Cloud storage required hosting companies to operate a large data centers, and people who require their data to be hosted buy or lease storage capacity from them.

Physically, the resource may across multiple servers. The safety of the files depends upon the hosting websites. It means storage capacity, that’s can be access through a public network, like the Internet, or WAN (Wide Area Network). Internet users have the capability of expanding the amount of data Cloud Storage can hold without any limitations, but may require you to contact the service provider.

For example services such as, Google Docs, Flickr, YouTube or Yahoo Mail, actually already using cloud computing. These allow you to store the data online and to access web services from any location.

Even social networking sites such as Facebook can be seen as cloud computing, because they allow you to store and share information online.
The technology’s application: where, how it works and who is using it.

How it works?
Cloud storage came, on to the computing scene means by which companies and individuals can store or backup files in their computers and mobile devices on an online server.

Over time, the number of files and documents in a computer keep growing until they reach a point where there's simply not enough space to contain them all. A solution is then needed to store files in a separate location so as to free up computer space, as well as allow for more files to be acquired.

One solution is to begin storing files on an external or portable hard drive. While this may work for some, companies and individuals with terabytes of data would quickly fill an external drive and find back where they started but they need more. This is where a cloud storage service comes in.

The word cloud is a metaphor for the Internet or the online world. Cloud storage works as a combination of an online backup or storage service and cloud computing for data management....

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