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What Is Communication Essay

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Communication, just like information, is something that we as humans come in contact with on a daily basis whether we want to or not. There exist many definitions for communication from different disciplines and perspectives. In this essay I will talk about definitions for communication and why understanding communication is as important to us as information scientists. I will discuss three well known communication models in an attempt to understanding communication better.

Define communication:

Many believe that the word communication is derived from two Latin words, the noun “communis” and the verb “Communicare”. According to (List, 2014) the word “Communis” means “common”, “general” or “run of the mill” and the word “Communicare” means “to share”, thus our first definition from an etymology sense is “the act of sharing something” or “making something common”.

In the journal article by (Greenman, 2008), he talks about communication and how it fits into the law system. He says that the coarse definition of communication is something that intends to convey a state of mind, emotion or idea from one person to another. He further adds that the act attempting to perform communication must be reasonably recognizable as something that intends to convey a thought, if not it would seem like a random action that does not bare meaning. He however argues that this coarse definition has its limitations for example in cases where the person does not necessarily possess the state of mind he/she conveys. The easiest example of this would be lieing, where the person attempting to convey a state of mind does not poses that state of mind because it is a lie, but none the less that state is conveyed to another person. He also makes a distinction between thoughts forced upon a person and thoughts a person can refuse, as both being forms of communication.

In a book by (Steinberg, 2007) the writer discusses four views on communication. The first view is the “Technical View”; this view is centered on how accurately message can be communicated over distances by use of medium such as telephones. In this view communication is thus defined on a highly technical level. This is where a common term in modern society comes in, namely ICT also knows as Information and Communication Technologies. (Team, 2010) Defines ICT as technologies that allow us access to information through the use of communication technology. The key term in that is communication technology; from it we can derive the most technical definition of communication as the exchange of data between computers and similar devices. For example computers communicate with each other billions of times every day, exchanging data such as bank transactions, it gave rise to many new forms of communication such as instant messaging and emails.

The second view (Steinberg, 2007) discusses is the “Meaning Centered View” , this view as you may have noticed is centered around the meaning we derive from...

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