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What Is Considered Normal In Our World

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One of the most obvious things that we are noticing in our everyday lives is that people are distinctly different. There are 7 billion people sharing the earth. But how many are considered “normal”? When are people considered abnormal? To be normal is to adhere to a standard or norm, but unfortunately, normality is an impossible and unlikely dream that we will continue to strive for all our lives. We strive for it because it gives us that sense of self that we need to reassure us that we fit in. While undefined, depending on your upbringing, generation and culture, what you consider normal may not be normal for someone else because other countries and cultures have different traditions and practices that they view to be routine and what in the past has been viewed as normal has evolved throughout the course of time.
Your definition of normal depends on where you live or what kind of place you live in. Every culture around the world has set traditions and expectations that are considered to be normal. There are some tribes in Africa that still do traditional dances, ceremonies and religious practices that our American society deems as abnormal. In our country we are fortunate to have freedom for all but in other countries those simple liberties are not given. In Yemen, women are not allowed to leave the house without permission from their husbands also in Saudi Arabia and Morocco female rape victims can be charged with crimes. I read an article about a Moroccan girl who committed suicide after a judge forced her to marry her rapist. In another case I read about, a young female adolescent who was sentenced by the court to receive ninety lashes for being in the same car with a man that she was not married to. Though how shocking these rules against women may seem, it is normal in their society. In our society we are fortunate enough that women have rights and punishments are not taken out on a person in a physical manner. Every society has certain standards or 'norms' for acceptable behavior, and any behavior that deviates from these norms, is considered to be abnormal.
Other countries find some of our practices as abnormal, such as wiping with toilet paper, drinking alcohol and consuming large meals. In Europe many feel that wiping with toilet paper is an odd way to cleanse oneself so they use a bidet after toileting. Drinking alcohol at a young age is considered to be normal in many countries. However, in our American society, it is viewed as extremely deviant to consume alcohol under the legal drinking age. Another aspect of that our society is accustomed to that others may deem as abnormal is excessive eating. Our country has a vast supply of food and we for the most part can consume it whenever we want. It is always available. In other countries, families barely have enough food for a meal to feed their families. Though eating as we please, waiting till a certain age to consume alcohol and wiping with toilet paper may seem customary to us,...

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