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What Is Culture? What Effect Does Culture Have On The Conduct Of Business? Explain, Giving Examples.

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Table of Contents1.0 Introduction p. 22.0 How can culture be defined p. 22.1 Breaking down definition of culture p. 22.1.1 The outer layer p. 32.1.2 The middle layer p. 32.1.3 The core p. 33.0 Individualism and Collectivism p. 43.1 Individualism p. 43.1 Collectivism p. 54.0 The effect on the core layer of culture - Individualism and Collectivism- on the conduct of business p. 54.1 The effect on strategy for interpersonal relationships p. 64.2 The effect on award achievements p. 64.2 The effect of making decision p. 75.0 Conclusion p. 86.0 Bibliography p. 91.0 IntroductionAs the globalization invades our daily business in present times, people activities starts to become interrelated across boundaries. Different people might have different backgrounds and culture affects a person's behaviors. Culture is the invisible backbones to our societal body. Because of globalization, intercontinental negotiation between business leads to cultural conflicts, for instance, mistrust between partners. The cultural divide might have assorted impacts on conduct business. In this report will firstly define culture and then investigate how invisible culture affects business behaviors on conduct business.2.0 How can culture be defined?Culture is intangible in shape; however it is essential for each one of us. Culture builds up of a particular society's behaviors, from religion beliefs to dressing style to art to methods of farming. Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner (1997, p.3) consider that culture is a shared belief of a group of people and is made up of three layers. Understanding culture constituents might help in visualizes the effects on conduct business.2.1Breaking down definition of cultureCulture can be found in 3 major levels: the outer layer, middle layer and core. The different layers are complementary. (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 1997)2.1.1 The outer layerAccording to Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner (1997), explicit culture or outer layer is recognizable reality of different products and artifacts, for instance languages, religions, clothing and arts which symbolize the deeper layers.2.1.2 The middle layerMiddle layer of culture reflects the ideas of a culture. It consists of norms and values that give the group some hidden basic assumption. Norms and values are included in the middle layer of culture. Norms tell people what they should do or should not do when values which is the judgments of good and bad. It serves as a road map to cultural organizations formal or informal ways of operating in the culture. (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 1997)2.1.3 The coreThe core of culture or its deepest layers reflects our system of basic assumption. It is the layer that refers to values and the most likely to lead to conflict, confusion and amazement. Core layers also define as the foundation of the other two layers. This is the reality of the group's shared meaning; of what we take for granted. (Trompenaars and Hampden-Turner, 1997)3.0 Individualism and...

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