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Most of the nations of the world have a government based on either Liberal or Social Democracy. Liberal Democracy is defined as a representative form of entity that values on individual liberties and a free market economy. The United States is the prime example of a Liberal Democracy. Social Democracy is also a representative entity which the government provides certain entitlements such as Universal Healthcare and education. The free market economies in social democracies are heavily regulated which includes high taxation. Germany and Greece are examples of Social Democracies. Is there an alternative democratic form of government other than the liberal and social democracies?
In Glenn Sanakatsing’s document “PEOPLE’S VOTE COMPATIBLE WITH PEOPLE’S FATE A democratic alternative to liberal democracy” he proposes an alternative to the current systems of liberal and social democracy. He proposes an alternative which is a representative democracy based on development theory. Development theory is collection of ideas about how desirable change in society is best achieved. He argues of the multiple failures of both liberal and social democracies. Both systems are based on delegation as a means of creating and directing national policies. The voter selects a delegate and that delegate through a top to down approach creates laws and policies which all citizens have to follow. He argues that the delegate main purpose in governing is to secure power for him/herself and survival for the political party. In most nations there are two types of political parties known as the right and the left. In the United States conservatives and liberals dominate the political spectrum and there is no room for other political principles such as libertarianism and socialism. In this situation both dominant political parties are not interested in creating policies that are beneficial for the population but rather to gain power and diminish the political power of their opposition. Even though policies are made by consensus of the majority this leaves no room to compromise with the minority this in turn shuts out a portion of the citizens in the democratic process. The voters choose delegates not based on merit or reliable solutions that will benefit the country as a whole but rather vote for a political principle which the voter believes that will give them the greatest personal advancement. The liberal democracies emphasizes on the free market economy that will benefit society as a whole. However in capitalism there are winners and losers so there will be a sizable portion of the population that will be heavily disadvantage, this will cause economic inequality. The social democracies are not immune towards the delegation of power from the top to down approach. In this democracy the state provides entitlement benefits which help the citizens at the cost of high taxation. The state also regulates the free market but does not dissolve it entirely. They do depend on these...

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1103 words - 4 pages , thus making them not very representative for the people. Lastly, the lack of opposition, the meddling of the Crown in elections and such, the restricted freedom of speech conclude the argument that democracy was not yet fully implemented. Democracy is "a bit chancy", and only by understanding what democracy is and what it needs, can action be taken to preserve it and even change it for the best.

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