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What Is Demonstrative Communication? Essay

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Demonstrative communication describes nonverbal and unwritten communication. This communication can be conveyed through facial expressions, tone of voice and body language. How the message is received can vary greatly depending on these factors. As cited in Lavan (2009) “about 55% of interpersonal messages are conveyed nonverbally”.
A positive experience is one where all parties feel at ease. When people are comfortable they are more receptive to the message. A speech about a charity will garner more support if the audience feels good about the speaker. A presenter who is neatly dressed and speaks with a friendly upbeat voice is very appealing. Walking around the stage keeps the listener following the speaker. Having eye contact also keeps the audience interested.
A negative experience would be a speaker who is unsure of the speech. If the speaker is uncomfortable, often that projects to the audience. They become uncomfortable as well. A person standing behind a dais looking down at their notes while talking is monotonous, and the message is lost.
Nonverbal communication can greatly affect how one is perceived in the workplace. In an interview setting these signals can have a positive or negative effect. A person walking into a room with a firm handshake with eye contact is more likely to be considered than someone who is just grabs a hand and does not look at the person while speaking. Sitting up straight and leaning into the person who is speaking is a positive cue that the listener is paying attention. Not making eye contact when answering questions could be considered non-assertive. This could lead to being passed over in favor of someone who looks at the speaker when responding to a question.
Humans respond to what they see as well as what they hear. Written communication does not imply tone. The tone of voice can greatly change the meaning of a sentence. This can be demonstrated by a mother asking a child to put the toys back in the toy box. The first time she asks it can be heard from another room and is just a polite request. This proves to be ineffective, so she asks again. Each time her voice is elevated to another level. After the fifth time, her footsteps are heavier as she walks into the room. Her hands on her hips imply that she is fed up. Her voice is lower which means she is now irritated. Her voice is louder, and now the child knows that she means that they better put the toys away...

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