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What Is Diabetes? Essay

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In 2012 statistics show that 176 billion dollars where use for medication on diabetes.Diabetes is a complicated issue as demonstrated through its history, symptoms,treatments, and number of people affected by it.
The first symptoms of diabetes happen in 1552 B.C. Ancient healers noticed that ants seemed more attracted to the urine of people with diabetes. Later on their was people known as "water tasters" that diagnosed diabetes by tasting the urine of people that thought they had it. If the urine tasted sweet it meant the person had diabetes. In 1800's scientist developed chemical test to detect the presence of sugar in the urine.As a physician kept discovering about diabetes on. The first prescribed exercise was horseback riding they thought it relive excessive the 1700s and 1800s physicians noticed that dietary changes helped mange diabetics. They advice their patients to eat only fat and meat of animals. During the Franco-Prussian war of early 1870's Apollinaire Bouchardat noticed that his diabetic patients improved due to war-related food rationing. He made individualized diets as treatments. So 1900s is when diet treatments started happening like "oat-cure", potato therapy" and "starvation diet" . A Boston scientist know as Elliott Joslin, establish himself as one of the world's leading diabetes expert in 1916. He created a textbook "The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus", which explains how fasting diet and regular exercise help decreases the risk of death in diabetes patients. Now doctors and diabetes educators still use these treatments when teaching their patients about lifestyle change for the management of diabetes. Before the discovery of insulin diabetes led to premature death. The first readily of insulin was in 1889. Oskar Minkowshi and Joseph Von Mering were era searcher of University of Starboug in France. Early 1900's George Zueler, German scientist, figured out that injecting pancreas extract in to patients could help control diabetes. In 1920 Frederick Banting physician in Ontario Canada , had the idea to treat diabetes. His colleagues and him experimented on animals. They finally started using insulin as a treatment in 1922. Today insulin is used to treat type 1 diabetes. Also other medication has developed along the way to help control it. Diabetic patients now check their blood sugar levels at home. They keep dietary changes, regular exercise and insulin, also other medication. Reducing their health complication has improved.
Diabetes is a very serious disease. American Diabetes Association shows that race and ethnic differences in prevalence of diagnosed diabetes. "7.1% of non-Hispanic whites,12.6% non-Hispanic blacks, and 11.8% of Hispanics" ( this statics show that everyone can get diabetes no matter what race or ethnic. Another problem with diabetes is the cost of medication. "$245 billion:total cost of diagnosed. $176 billion for direct cost. $69...

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