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What Is Disney And From Where Did It Come?

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Yixuan ZHAO
Shui QIU

What is Disney?

The Walt of Disney Company, initial is Disney. It is the one of biggest entertainment and Media Company all over the world. According to revenue, the Walt of Disney company of earning is just follow by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. which is the largest film and music making company in the world.
Disney is famous for the products about its film studio, the Walt of Disney studio and also is best known of theme park is called Disney land. The company own resorts, network, punishing, theatre divisions and so on. At the same time, it is also proud of music division.
The company set up in 1923, in ...view middle of the document...

Family videotape department also established in this year.
1985 Started making cartoon for television, Pinocchio released as videotape meet with success.
1898 The first run The Little Mermaid was really successful; it was also push Disney to a new high again.
1991 Beauty and the Beast was the first film getting The Oscars.
1998 Mulan released, it was the first film about Chinese subject.
2003 Finding Nemo released, it broke through $70,000,000 at the weekend and the most popular movie in America.
2004 Disney declared they would make movie by computer.
2009 Up is the first 3D film by Disney.
2013 Frozen, the newest film made by Disney.

Five Business Segments

Studio entertainment: the whole of Walt Disney build on studio entertainment which is the most importance business. The core of studio entertainment is making Walt Disney’s film and live action movie. This department is responsible for Walt Disney, Touchstone Pictures, and Miramax Films to global offering, DVD and so on. At the same time, it also takes charge to punish in music drama, the living theatre and record.
Parks and resorts: this section is responsible for global Disneyland, and take time to thinking about operation, designation and management. They have five global Disney resorts and eleven theme parks, in addition, they have two belt tightening pulley to Disney’s sea lane.
Consumer products: The section built in 1929 that take charge to commodity empowering, as biggest empowering company, Disney produce many different product to the market, such as, toy, food, dress. Moreover, the global of Disney’s punishing department also subordinate in this section. Buena Vista games are responsible to develop and punish software. The directly selling business is including selling online and Disney stores.
Media network: this section is responsible to manage capital of Disney in the net world, it purchases ABC Company successfully by Disney in 1996, and it defines by making television program and operating television station. Similarly, it also manages making broadcast and operating radio station, for example, Radio Disney.
Mission statement
Creativity + Innovation = Profits
“We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages everywhere.”
---Disney’s Common Goal
S.W.O.T analysis
Strength Weakness
• Global company, make profit to selling patent to all over the world.
• Integrated leadership’s style, impeccable management’s model and special training in staff.
• The enterprise regards them as innovation oriented, and gives chance to creative talents.
• Disney is a real old company, it already live in people’s heart, let most people have same growth experience.
• Disney failed investment in Europe bring about bad influence. It affects the whole European market and revenue of enterprise.
• Because of less and less visitors go to Disneyland, it reduces...

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