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What Is Screen Printing? Essay

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What is screen printing?If you look carefully you would notice examples of screen printing everywhere. In the street you may notice posters, displays, and ads on buses have all been screen printed and at home you may have t shirts, clothing, badges and sports bags that have been screen printed. Screen printing (often called silk printing) is a popular method of transferring an image onto paper or fabric by forcing paint though a screen. It is a method that is easily able to print an image in great detail and colour.How does screen printing work?It is quite easy to screen print yourself at home, providing you have the right materials. To screen print you will firstly need a stencil of what you wish to print onto your material. Stencils can be hand-cut film stencils, light sensitive stencils or paper stencils. Paper stencils are ideal for beginners because they are simple and cheap. Ready made commercial stencils are also available from craft stores.Making a paper stencilEquipment*Pencil*Craft knife*Cutting board*Ruler*Brown wrapping paper*Tracing paperMethod1.Trace your desired image onto a piece of brown wrapping paper (or suitable paper alternative) making sure it is the correct measurements to fit onto your fabric.2.Then place the paper onto the cutting board and cut out your design using the craft knife. The bit of paper where the design has been cut out is where the ink will go, printing the design onto your fabric.To printEquipment*A screen: a fine gauze mesh of fibres stretched over a rectangular frame. It is possible to buy screens but it is also possible to make you own. Screens are available in different sizes.*A squeegee: stiff rubber or plastic with a handle, available in different sizes.*Fabric on which you wish to print. It can be natural or man made although 100% cotton or a polyester cotton blend often works well.*Flat surface.*Newspaper or old cloth to cover the flat surface in case of any spills.*Printing ink/fabric paint.Method1.Firstly wash and iron your fabric.2.Line you flat surface with some newspaper or an old cloth. It is also a good idea to wear old clothing that can get paint on it.3.Place your ready made stencil in your desired position on top of the fabric. (This is where ever you wish the design to be) If you are printing on a tee shirt make sure you put newspaper in-between the front and back of the shirt so the paint doesn't go onto the other side. If the stencil is smaller then the screen you are using make sure to cover the remaining areas with paper so no paint will get onto your fabric.4.Place the screen on top of the stencil. It is a good idea to get someone to hold it in place for you.5.Spoon out the printing ink onto the far side of the screen. Be generous as any excess ink can be returned to the container at the end.6.Place the squeegee at a 45 degree angle on the far side of the screen and use it to pull the ink...

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