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What Is Done Cannot Be Undone

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1993, this was the very first year that the Worland High School Swimming and Diving Men’s program won state as a team. It all started when the pool was first built in the late 1970’s. This is where most of the young children learned how to swim and or became competitive swimmers in middle and high school. Creating basic building blocks for essential survival skill, this was a key essential for most children; from learning butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, elementary backstroke, side stroke to our floats. From our old dome, we have created a new home. Our dome was a great impact on most children’s life including all ages, even the old. Waking up early in the morning to get to a hydro workout, to practicing two a days to get better, our dome created an environment that can never be replaced and sooner or later not a single person will even know it is gone. One of the very most unique pools in the country, the Worland Community Pool was created in a dome shape. This very organic and rusty shape was getting old indeed. Things needed to get replaced when there was no money in the budget it was a tragic ending to the pool that so much children and adults have loved over the years.
It created champions to future Olympic hopefuls. The Warrior Dome was top notch in the state even though so many swimmers hated it because of the ceiling and the triangular formations, when middle/high school competed in backstroke it was very hard to stay in line to avoid hitting the lane ropes. Not only were there Olympic hopefuls, but many swimmers have kept record to this day. Not just school records but Wyoming 3A state records. The following have the fastest time in the state for 3A high schools such as Guy Fulfer and Will Vietti. Both of these amazing guys have continued their career at the collegiate level. Fulfer went to the University of Wyoming and Vietti continued his career at the University of Kentucky. Both role models and great giving guys have set standards in the Warrior Dome. They both left their mark in a pool they knew was not going to last long but they made it last as if it were a lifetime. The Warrior dome may be torn down, but in many eyes it is still standing in our eyes.
As day by day goes by, Worland stares at an empty hole that has created many young swimmers out of us all. Even though the Worland High School’s swim program is not very big, it is the little things that count. In the past four years we have created and made our mark just like every other Worland High School student has when the Warrior Dome was built. Breaking old school records and becoming state champs in over eight-teen or more years was breath taking to most swimmer families in the Washakie Community. Most of us were not fans of the Warrior dome to the lack of attention it needed. Majority of the schools focus was on sports like Wrestling or Football. Swimming was a minority at...

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