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In David Orr's "What is Education For?", six myths were discussed to demonstrate how education has molded young minds into unrealistic beings on this planet. The first myth he describes is that ignorance is a solvable problem. I completely agree with him saying that ignorance is in fact not a solvable problem because even as a child, our education system taught us that being more educated than your neighbour made you better. From personal experience, in elementary school there was always a stigma that children who were enrolled in the French Immersion program were better than the children who were not because they were going to get better jobs for being bilingual. Ignorance about being ...view middle of the document...

These areas may be more relevant to our society at this point in time but that does not mean that they are more important than other subjects. In my personal experience at Mount Allison, I have received a fairly even education of the basics and new technologies. While I believe it would be more beneficial to learn about more relevant subjects around us directly, I have not received that type of education yet.

Even if Mount Allison provided classes related to detrimental situations happening to the Earth, we would not be able to restore what has already been done. This is Orr's fourth myth, that we can adequately restore that which we have dismantled. Our education is flawed in how we are forced to choose disciplines that do not allow us to receive a well-rounded education about all subjects. Because of this flawed education style, many successful people cannot do what is realistically expected of them. It makes sense that if a person enjoys a particular subject that they should be able to study just that subject, but these people are suffering in many ways because they miss out on other education that could help them. Mount Allison helps this problem by making sure that distribution courses from all disciplines must be completed to receive a degree. Even in the commerce program, a minor must be completed from a different discipline than business. This type of regulation allows for a much more rounded education that students need.

Orr's fifth myth is about how the purpose of education is that of giving you the means for upward mobility and success. So many people think that being more educated leads to success. But what is success? Success is a relative idea. People look at others and think if they were more educated than their neighbour then they would have more. For a lot of people, success it related to material things. Having money, a big house, a nice car and wearing the top brands speaks volumes of success. People need to realize that life and being alive is the success; having perfect health and a happy family and stability are success.

The final myth relates to how our culture has shaped our minds to think that material items represent...

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