What Is Effective Classroom Management? Essay

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“Being an effective teacher is a unique journey, and classroom management is only one important factor that can make the journey more successful for both students and teachers” (Palumbo & Sanacore, 2007, p. 67). Classroom management is an important element in the successful day-to-day operation of any teaching environment. Good classroom management helps the teacher teach better and helps the students “shine” academically in the classroom. The first weeks of classes set the tone for the entire academic school year. A portion of the first weeks of every school year should be dedicated to learning and practicing classroom procedures and disciplinary actions (as a result of not ...view middle of the document...

In retrospect of my years as a student, students have a lot more respect for teachers who are well-prepared. Students feel as though the teacher cares considerably about their learning and their future. Lesson plans should be detail-oriented. Practice activities for lessons should be relevant and require critical thinking skills. Teachers should teach in a way that appeals to all learning styles, whether it is visual, auditory, and/or kinesthetic. By focusing on what learning technique works best for the student, he or she is able to maximize their educational experience.
Physical Surroundings and Displays
The layout of a classroom has a major impact on the tone of learning. In Paul Pedota’s article entitled Strategies for Effective Classroom Management in the Secondary Setting, he states, “The classroom should be a showcase for student work… it is important to let students know that their work is important as well as let others know what students are learning” (2007, p. 164). It is vital to create an attractive and welcoming room that students would value and appreciate. Classroom information, such as bell schedule and classroom policies, may be placed on attractive, colorful bulletin boards. Student work should be displayed outside and inside the classroom to encourage academic competition among peers and A BETTER QUALITY OF WORK.

Classroom Rules
In addition to the classroom layout, teachers should “recognize the appropriate behavior of individual students or the class, punish students who misbehave, and talk with students to discuss the impact of their behavior on others and negotiate with students on a one-to-one basis” (Lewis, Roache, & Romi, p. 58). Simply put, to eradicate disruptive behavior, classroom rules should be set for students to follow. Three to five clear-cut rules should be sufficient for any classroom setting. If there are too many rules, the students may forget them. In conjunction with classroom rules, there should also be consequences if those rules are broken and rewards/prizes for those students who follow the rules. It is important for teachers to remind students of these rules daily, especially when a student breaks a rule during classroom instructional time.
Teacher Enthusiasm
Any effective teacher should be...

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