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31. What is ERP 42. Main Modules ERP 42.1. Inventory Management System 52.2. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 52.3. Supplier Relationship Management 52.4. Production Management 62.5. Sale Management 62.6. Human Resource Management 72.7. Finance Management and Accounting 73. Company needs an ERP System 73.1. Goals of Implementing an ERP System 84. ERP in the New Management Practices 95. ERP Systems Architecture 106. Commercial ERP Systems 106.1. SAP 11 6.1.1. SAP Business ByDesign 12 6.1.2. SAP Business Suite 15 6.1.3. SAP Business One 15 6.1.4. SAP All-in-One 166.2. Bann Corporation-Flagship Product iBaanERP 16 6.2.1. iBaan ERPModules 166.3. Oracle Corporation-Flagship Product Oracle Applications 17 6.3.1. Oracle E-Business Suite 19 6.3.2. PeopleSoft Enterprise 21 6.3.3. J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne 247. ERP Implementation Life Cycle 258. Advantages of ERP 259. Disadvantages of ERP 2710. References: What is ERPERP stands for enterprise resource planning. It usually refers to the methodology used to perform back office functions that are transparent to customers.ERP is often implemented in companies together with process-oriented organization or Supply Chain Management (SCM). In order to manage the information-flow of such structures new IT-systems are generated - known as ERP-Systems. IT-systems of this kind allow managers from all departments to look vertically and horizontally across the organization to see what others are accomplishing or not. It attempts to integrate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve all those different department's particular needs. ERP-systems also implement and automate business processes, putting them into a useful format that is standardized across the corporation and between their suppliers and customers. ERP-systems capture data about historical activity, current operations and future plans and organize it into information people can use to help develop business strategies. Figure (1) illustrates the business job order process without ERP and the influent of ERP in Job order process.ERP is a fine expression of the inseparability of IT and business. As an enabling key technology as well as an effective managerial tool, ERP systems allow companies to integrate at all levels and utilize important ERP applications such as supply-chain management, human resource management and customer relationship management. They represent large, complex, computerized and integrated systems, which can strongly influence long-term business success. Figure (2) illustrates ERP applications.Main Modules ERP:ERP software supports an organization's entire Business process. Typically, consists of multiple software modules that integrate activities across functional departments - from product planning, parts purchasing, inventory control and product distribution, to order tracking. Most ERP software systems include application modules to support common business...

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The Erp System Essay

699 words - 3 pages In this TMA we will discus many ideas and facts about Whirlpool Europe and about the ERP systems; What is the ERP system? What are the benefits of the ERP? The reasons to applying this new system. -The impacts of applying the ERP system on the competition. The benefits of the ERP for the Whirlpool case study. What are the costs of implementation? Factors about saving costs and benefits. The ERP system

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1629 words - 7 pages This essay will discuss Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) implementation, specifically in the factors which can leads that ERP implementation to successful and unsuccessful ERP implementation. The difficulties in the ERP implementation had made the ERP become major research when talking about ERP. In what are the key factors that can result in successful and unsuccessful of ERP implementation. By collected all the necessary resources we are

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2410 words - 10 pages , thereby increasing efficiency. Additionally, market and competitive trends were to enable customer collaboration through applications such as Webex, Telepresence and SocialMiner. This report starts off with outlining CISCO as a company, then it explains the problems they had with their previous system and what drove them to implement an ERP system. Subsequently, this report describes the newly implemented system (what is ERP?) and detects some of

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1321 words - 5 pages implementing Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) in 1999, causing problems with order management and fulfillment, rendering Hershey Foods Corporation unable to fulfill many orders, which dropped company’s revenues by 12% compared to the previous year. This essay is going to look at what Enterprise Resource Planning is, how and why the implementation at Hershey Foods Corporation failed (compared to some other companies), and offer some future

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1310 words - 5 pages http://www.cio.com/article/40323/ABC_An_Introduction_to_ERP[4]Unknown Author, The Tech-FAQ. (Unknown Date). What is Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP?Retrieved October 20th, 2007 fromhttp://www.tech-faq.com/enterprise-resource-planning-erp.shtml[5]Robb, Drew. (November 9, 2006). ERP Implementations Reveal a lot of Pain Before the Gain.Retrieved October 20th, 2007 from http://www.computerworld.com.au/index.php/id;1146196244

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2271 words - 9 pages and levels of an organization. Each application within an ERP suite shares a common set of data that is stored in a central database. This central database serves as a backbone for the organization, integrating key business and management processes. This allows you to see more accurately and completely what is going on within the company. A typical ERP system includes applications for accounting and controlling, production and materials

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1916 words - 8 pages the operational manager is able to contact pilots or other staff, such as flight attendants so that sufficient staff is on each flight (Brandy and Monk, 2004). However these schedules are limited to what they can offer as an employee may be sick, injured or unable to work (Hagg, Cummings and McCubbrey, pg 8, 2004). Therefore this will not assist the operational manager as the database does not record when employees are available because of family

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605 words - 3 pages . Typically, the software comes as a set of modules generally found in ERP software include Accounting and Finance, Manufacturing, Customer Service, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing. The general ledger (GL) module is the foundation of finance package of an ERP system. Nowadays, Business organizations have to decide whether to have their ERP software solutions on premises or choose to have their ERP in the cloud. In many instances, you will find that

Environmental Resource Planning Systems and Software: 1. GM Locomotive says the problem wasn't with the ERP Software. Then what did cause the major failure of the ERP system? Explain.

1133 words - 5 pages 1. GM Locomotive says the problem wasn't with the ERP Software. Then what did cause the major failure of the ERP system? Explain.ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a single computer system that attempts to integrate all the functions and departments across a company. This allows the system to have an overall view of the entire company, enabling all the different departments to align their particular needs with that of the goals

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1200 words - 5 pages Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are typically very complex and all-encompassing software. Supply chain management (SCM) systems are no slouches when it comes to complexity and scope, either. So why would a company attempt to implement both systems at the same time? Some rationalize that their software is in such dire straits that they need to get in front of the system's development curve, not just keep pace. Others rely on the "rip

A successful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation requires integration of technology with business strategy and assessing the impact of the system on all aspects of the business;

9755 words - 39 pages power systems which are defined during the installation process, when the system is configured the 'setup' process selects different program components to 'load' as part of the installed ERP system base. These chosen components will determine the inventory method and how it is valued, counted, warehoused; how accounting entries are posted and at what level of detail (defined by the Chart of Accounts). Component selections will determine the

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What Is Erp? Essay

652 words - 3 pages , payroll, and human resources, with other functions including manufacturing and distribution. Currently, the complexity of business is creating new user needs; the growth of computers is developing new potential; the quest for new markets by vendors has given users a new voice; and ERP is evolving once again. Names and acronyms like extended-ERP, ERP II, enterprise business applications (EBA), enterprise commerce management (ECM), and comprehensive

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1884 words - 8 pages , which allows inventory optimization • Order tracking, from acceptance through fulfilment • Revenue tracking, from invoice through cash receipt • Matching purchase orders (what was ordered), inventory receipts (what arrived), and costing (what the vendor invoiced) 2.4 Operational Benefits ERP system is a web based system there are many operation benefits for this system. ERP consists of many packages these packages include AG, SAP, bean and

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1147 words - 5 pages What is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system?ERP is the latest technological incarnation in the developmental history of"planning and control‟-based systems, which were originally designed to cope with the difficult task of effectively managing the information resources of firms. Organizations often have overly complicated business processes within their separate divisions and units and ERP offers IT- based solutions in the form of

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4046 words - 16 pages scope creep; inadequate or non-scaleable infrastructure, lack of executive sponsorship or inadequate program management. Despite bountiful literature on things that can go wrong in an ERP implementation, most firms weren't well prepared for the organizational changes their implementations wrought. Many CEOs look at similar sized companies, the success and horror stories of those who have implemented ERP. Many companies are addressing what is