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What is so significant about wearing clothes? Is it just to cover up? If it were so, wouldn't it be comfortable to wear a blanket? Fashion entered into the world so that people all over the world could look good. Fashion is recognized as an art that makes people feel good about themselves. Is fashion really all about clothes? Fashion has been around in cultures, the history and even modern day.
Fashion is a form of art that varies and changes. Fashion can be identified or described as anything in according to ones perspective. People who design clothes have a certain style for specific people. Many people care for fashion whether they say it or not. Fashion is something that can change anyone.

Cultures all over the world worry about the clothes they wear. Some cultures worry more than the others. All these cultures wear what they wear because it is their culture. A Chinese person would not wear an African printed dress because that would not suite their style in the Africa is known for its textiles . Africans are more about patterns and color. In West Africa they use a wide range of dye. The designs are different all over Africa. In West
Africa the designs were patchwork, quilting and appliqué. In central Africa the design and patterns were more were more handwork and weaving. In eat and South Africa the textile was traditional weaving work. All the different types of patterns and design were mainly from handwork The Africans would do this to their clothes because the different colors mean something special to them; the geometric patterns mean different things as well, but in the end all the patterns and color really represent the mother continent of Africa. In Asia there are different types of styles. The style vary from Indian style, Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture. In Asia the style really depends on the weather. In most parts of Asia the weather is more tropical and they would wear garments that would not wear out easily. Most of the material in Asia are made of silk or linen. The silk is worn by the rich because the could afford it and the linen was worn by the poor. All this was about status. What they wore defined them. In Europe most of their traditional dresses are based on what their ancestors wore. In America the style is a combination of all the cultures mixed together. There are patterns from Africa due to the slaves. There are materials from Asia and Europe due to immigration. In the end, all their fashion is from their history and how it came to be.
Ancient fashion is one of the most exciting things in the world. Fashion was defined by art, culture and written culture. There are six ancient cultures that demonstrate the art of fashion. In the Mesopotamian life, wool was the primary product. Women would weave the wool together to make tunics for the men and skirts for themselves. If the wool was too much the men would throw it over their shoulder like the Greeks would do with their tunics. The royal family or...

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