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First, let’s start with the basics. What is flag burning? Easy enough, it’s burning a flag. Branching off of that there is also flag desecration, which is basically abusing a flag in public. Some people may be completely oblivious to the fact that others even burn flags.
There are only two reasons that someone would want to burn a flag. One reason is out of respect (People before lawyers org.). When a flag is old, and worn out it is never supposed to just be thrown away. Because of that, there are things called flag burning ceremonies. At these ceremonies people from a local church or legion will retire the flag. Retiring a flag entails quite a bit. First, there need to be a large enough fire to completely burn the flag. Then, the flag needs to be folded into the traditional triangle form. After this, the flag is placed in the fire. Lastly, as the ashes are being brought out of the fire, the audience is to say the pledge of allegiance, and the ashes are then buried.(VA Veterans) On the other hand, someone may want to burn a flag as a way to protest.(People before lawyers org.). For example aamir from my story. He was very insulted at the fact that some movie mad his god seem less than what he thought of him. so he thinks to himself, “How can i get back at the american who made this movie?” so, he then decides to burn an American flag.
Now about some flag burning laws all around the world. In Australia it is perfectly legal to burn a flag. Theres even a group in australia that sells flag burning kits (Flag burning debate)! Now lets mosey on to the complete other side of the spectrum. In Germany flag burning is highly illegal. It is punishable up to one years in prison. Hong Kong shares laws related to Germany’s because they believe that theres no need to burn a flag for someone to protest. Some countries have very odd laws. one example is denmark. Denmarks flag desecration law says that it is illegal to desecrated andy national flags or symbols of all foreign countries. However, it is completely legal to desecrate Denmark’s flag in any way shape or form (flagcases.net).
Now, narrowing it down even further. First, to the United States. In the U.S it is not illegal to burn an american flag. This is legal because doing so is protected by the First Amendment. The First Amendment says that there cannot be any law pertaining to religion and the right to freedom of speech and/or expression. Little do most people know, there are little loopholes to this law. For instance, desecration of a venerated object. This offense is Class A misdemeanor. In order to be convicted of this offense the defendant must have either desecrated a place of worship or a nation flag, and acted intentionally (T.P.I.-- CRIM. 30.09). According to the research, this entirely contradicts the fact of it being legal in the US, or being protected by the First Amendment. But, we’ll leave that discussion for a different day.
Within the US, some states have different laws regarding...

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