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What is a true friendship?
Every person needs a friend - a person spiritialy close to you, someone with whom you would like to spend time. A friend is a person who will support you in sorrow and in joy, who will always try to help and give you advise.
One of the basic human needs is communication. Communicating with who you can trust, who always understand and support, on whom you can rely on in any situation. This is the exact definition of a good friend - a sincere, faithful and honest person. In our big world it is hard to find such a friend. But it is even more difficult to not lose him because of some small things, not betray the relationship with him. A real friend is the one with whom you passed both joy and sorrow and still stayed together.
But do all of us know how to be a real friend? And in general what is true friendship? It so happens that two people are constantly talking, spending a lot of time together, but one of them might be trouble or just happy, and then it seems as if there was no strong friendship. Some of the people are scared by the troubles of their friend, they do not want to intervene and get worried... Sometimes even worse - one friend began to envy the other because of his successes, joys, and victories. No wonder why it is said that true friendship is not checked not as much by trouble, but indeed by happiness.
So what is a true friendship in my opinion? I think it is the one who has been checked by long years. When people are friends for many years they have been through a lot and passed the “test of strength". I think a true friend wishes you only good things and he struggles to help make your life better. This does not mean that he always says pleasant things to you. Not at all! Conversely, a true friend is the only person who can give you...

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