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What Is Gambling? Give Definitions And Examples

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Definition:Gambling is when a person/s bets money or goods on the result of a game, competition or race or buys a ticket for a chance to win a prize or cash. Gambling can be done by an individual or in syndicates (group of people) and there are businesses that become agents for people's gambling habits. Gambling is a risk; some gambles have better odds than others. To gamble your cash or goods you risk losing it in the hope of gaining an advantage. To play games of chance for gain or advantage can be a risky attempt to improve one's financial standing.A person's gambling habits can become a serious problem; it can affect every aspect of the person's life, family and job. Problem gambling behaviour is the condition known as "Pathological", or "Compulsive" Gambling. This is when disruptions are caused in any major area of a person's life, psychological, physical, social or vocational (work). It is a progressive addiction, which is characterized by the increasing ...view middle of the document...

Unfortunately there is so much advertising encouraging gambling and we live in an information society this in conjunction with the internet and online gambling has made it difficult for a problem gambler to ignore.Types and Methods:There are many methods or avenues and types of gambling. Governments even take advantage of society's need to gamble, in South Australia there is the SA Lotteries, money gained from gambler's losses is used for hospitals and other uses. The Government takes over 90 percent from the profits taken from poker machines; some of this money is used to set-up and fund the support and assistance programs.Methods and types of gambling include gambling via the telephone with TAB or in person to bet on horse and dog races or sporting competitions, online betting on the internet with casino and card games, betting with a bookie at horse and dog races, in person at the casino on tables with card and dice games of chance and electronic machines including poker machines, purchase of instant scratchies and lotto tickets (xlotto, salotto, ozlotto, powerball, keno, super 66) from SA Lotteries and their agents, paying for bingo cards in halls and with the purchase of bingo tickets (some schools even sell them to raise money), playing poker and other card games for money at home or in organized professional games, entering sweepstakes i.e. with the Melbourne Cup, pools, buying raffle tickets (often sold to raise money for charities), lucky squares (many sporting clubs use this method to raise money), there are even money slot games where children put money into a machine for a chance to win a toy (this encourages and teaches children to gamble at a young age) and many more.There is legal, sanctioned by the Government and illegal gambling for example cock and dog fights. Basically people will gamble on anything and it is ingrained in and has become a serious problem in society, especially in Standard, the English Desk Dictionary Bay Books Vol A-L & M-ZCollins Australian School Dictionary Second Edition

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