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What is geography to you? Well geography is the study of physical features of the earth and its atmospheres of human activity as it affects and is affected by this distribution of populations and resources.as well as land use and industries. Geography has do with many things such as history ,culture and society .the Japanese history, it has to do with feminist science it goes back further than all this . My topic about geography I have chosen to write about Mr. Christopher Columbus. Christopher Columbus was born in 1951 in genoa Italy. He was born into a middle class family. Although his childhood is limited to us we are aware that he was well educated. He also spoke several ...view middle of the document...

Columbus had going really sick and passed away from hunger and thirst as well as ammonia .also on November 21,1492 the pinto and crew left to explore on its own. Then on Christmas day the Santa Maria war wrecked it wasn’t as worthy to sail as Mr. Columbus thought it would be.
Christopher’s second voyage took place on September 23, 1493. This voyage consists of 17 ships and 1,200 men. The purpose of this journey was to establish new colonies. He continued through the Far East. On November 3, the crew members sighted land and found three more islands Dominica, Guadalupe, and Jamaica. Columbus thought were islands off of japan. But because they were still no riches and that is what Columbus really wanted to find. On this voyage they founded that the fort of natividad was destroyed which was tragic to all Christopher and the crew of 1,200 men. After battle in 1495 he conquered the entire island of Hispaniola, he then sailed for Spain in March 1496 and arrived on July 31.
Christopher Columbus third voyage took place on May 30, 1498. At this time he sailed the southern parts. Then the previous two parts he was still looking for china. He found Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada and margarita on July 31. He also returned to Hispaniola and found the colony of Santo Domingo. At this time the government representatives was sent to investigate the problems in 1500, Columbus was arrested and sent back to Spain for invasion. He arrived I October and was able to successfully defend himself against the charges of invasion and threating both local and Spaniards. I am about to talk about Columbus fourth and final voyage.
This voyage took place on May 9, 1502 and he arrived in Hispaniola in June once he had arrived he was forbidden to enter the colony. So he had no choice but to continue sailing forward. On July 4th he set sail again and later found a small amount of gold a little off the cost of Central America. He was forced out of the area by those who lived there. After numerous problems and years of waiting in Jamaica and after all the problems his ship had Columbus set sail to Spain on November 7,1504 as soon as he arrived there he settled there with his son in Seville .while in Seville shortly after queen Isabelle had passed away in 1504 Columbus tried to regain his government ship back to Hispaniola. In 1505 the king allowed him to petition but did nothing about it, one year later Christopher Columbus got very ill and passed away on May 20, 1506. So therefor because of Christopher’s discoveries he is often venerated in area around the world but notably in America. With his name well known in places .like the District of Columbia. He has his own holiday (Columbus Day). He will...

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