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What Is Going On Essay

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There are many reasons to why people do things. Victor, like anyone, had his reasons why he chose to create a monster. Just as the monster had his reasons to why he wanted to make Victor’s life miserable by taking everyone he loved out of the picture. Not only did Victor create a monster, but he wanted to destroy it just as well, because of the guilt it brought upon him. It led to the loss of his loved ones as well as the introduction to Walton, who took down his story.
Shelley Demonstrates fear in the book as a science that drives Victor Frankenstein to create his monster. Shelley’s use of science in the book directly relates to the many discoveries of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, ...view middle of the document...

He has all the control and the knowledge in the beginning, but is left powerless in the end. Victor creates life because of his own greed, and the monster haunts him to the end because of it. The very monster to which he gives life strives to deprive Victor of his own.
Meir Kahane once said, “No trait is more justified than revenge in the right time and place.” Unfortunately for the monster he spent his whole life trying to revenge his creator. The fact that he was brought to life, then disowned and judged by his creator made him want to take revenge. He felt outcasted, humiliated, and abandoned and he wanted to take revenge. He wanted to make his creator feel just as he did. The very monster to which he gives life strives to deprive Victor of his own. That is the best and worst type of revenge. The monster realizes this and begins to take everything he loved, away from Victor. Starting with the killing of Victor’s younger brother, William. Then, killing Henry Clerval, Victor’s childhood best friend. Then, worst comes to complete worst and the monster kills Elizabeth, Victor’s fiance on the eve of their wedding. With the sadness that overwhelms Victor and his family, his father dies, which leads to Victor’s downfall.
With basically all of Victor’s family dead, he has no means of happiness. He blames this on himself just as much as he does on the monster. He feels guilty at the fact that created this monstrosity and that it...

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