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What Is Google Analytics? Essay

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What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics is a free service from Google which provides a core set of statistics and analytical tools for website administrators to perform the tasks of web analysts such as search engine optimisation and marketing purposes. It uses an advanced technology that can gather vast amount of data to help measure how the company's presence and online marketing is working.
This powerful software has the ability to track website metrics, like the number of visits and visitors, number of specific pages viewed, bounce rate, and abandonment rate. One of its more outstanding features is its ability to track certain website pages, referred to as “goal”, which can identify ...view middle of the document...

Google Analytics also help analyse website loyalty by showing what percentage of your visitors are repeat visitors compared to the percentage of new visitors. In addition, visit depths and bounce rates are also analyzed by Google Analytics. Visit depths show how many pages the user is requesting before leaving the site while bounce rates show what percentage of users only view one page before leaving the website.
Aside from tracking goals, Google Analytics can track all different kinds of marketing initiatives such as AdWords, other types of paid searches, social media, display advertising, email marketing, and many other types of ad one can think of.
Google Analytics uses the Map Overlay report needed by any analyst in performing segmentation. This involves deeper analysis into the data in order to understand how the segments or smaller buckets of traffic are performed and ultimately impact the overall performance of the website. A row of data shows all the values for a dimension, which is an attribute of a unique visitor or the visits that they create like visitor’s campaign name, country, browser version, speed of the ISP’s involved, average time spent, etc.
This Google service is available to anyone with a Google account. The registration process is so easy that users do not need have their own hosting service, no need to update their DNS records nor get on the phone to verify their identity. Google Analytics’ basic setup involves the sign up process by entering the string of code in the user’s website page as well as any subsidiary pages the user want to analyse.

Features of Google Analytics
• Intuitive User Interface – This user friendly interface of Google Analytics allows website owners to customize their own interface and let them see their most valuable data only in one place as well as very easy access to the help center and all the areas within the interface. It also provides graph visualization.
• In-Page Analytics - This feature overlays different kinds of information over the owner’s website within the iFrame in the dashboard of Google Analytics. Owners will be able to tell what parts of the webpage visitors are clicking on or which parts of the page are used more often or the number of clicks on each link and the options of adding filters to this feature.
• Navigation summary – This feature allows you see the navigation paths that visitors take while on your site. This includes entrance/previous pages, exit/next pages, of course you can view visitor Pathing within the visitor flow report, but this feature offers a more granular view into your user behavior.
• GeoTargeting / Location Reporting - The geo-targeting feature allows you to pick and choose which geographical areas you would like for you site to be viewable in. This is...

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