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What Is Graphic Design? Essay

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Graphic design is all around us in usual life. It is considered as a form of "communication art". We can see the design work present from road signs, fashion magazine to chips package. In other words, graphic design is a visual communication. Designer Richard sees graphic design as "a kind of language with an uncertain grammar and a continuously expanding vocabulary." He goes on state its possible uses. "The primary role of design is identification: to say what something is, or where it came from (inn signs, banners and shields, masons' marks, publishers' and printers' symbols, company logos, packaging labels).Its second function is for information and instruction indicating the relationship of one thing to another in direction, position and scale (maps, diagrams, directional signs). Most distinct from this is its third use, presentation and promotion (posters, advertisements), where it aims to catch the eye and make its message memorable."In general, most pieces of graphic design can perform all these roles. A poster identifies, instructs and promotes all at the same time. On the other hand, a magazine can cover company/ organization logos, articles' layout, and advertisements.A view from a graphic designer Cindy Lin is a graphic designer who graduated from UTS and works for Innolink International Pty. Ltd. now. Innolink International Pty. Ltd. is a small printing company which cooperates with three graphic designers and has a very good relationship with some press printers. This company mainly does the branding design for many business companies and different stores. Their design work cover all kinds of graphic design categories such as company logo, letterhead, business card, promotional posters, coffee shop or restaurant s' menu, flyer and concert ticket. They...

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