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What Is Happening To Reading? Essay

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Reading is very important, so important in fact that technology has advanced to the point where we can keep an entire library in our pocket. Readers have always been a very small population according to Bellow. Technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to log on to the internet, click on a book and download it and be able to read immediately. This is a very important advancement to the reading community as it allows them to have it readily accessible.
Technology is only improving the ability and availability for people to read. “For Americans under the age of 30, film has replaced the novel as the dominant mode of artistic expression.” (Bellow 8). It may be true that ...view middle of the document...

Steven King, a great author, has written many great books over the years and has even had many of them developed into TV shows and movies such as Carrie, The Stand, and Under the Dome. People look forward to these as they come to TV and also peaks their curiosity to read the books. There are other authors such as Stephanie Myer, J. K. Rowling, and J.R.R. Tolkien who wrote The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit which was published in 1937. These movies are seen by millions of people and have also turned some of them to the written texts of these books, either in physical book form or as downloadable content for tablets and phones.
Going back to collecting books, some of the Lord of the rings books and especially The Hobbit, have a huge world wide market for collectors and book enthusiasts. There is a population of people that just can’t get enough of books and reading. Books give more leeway to imagine the story as it comes alive while reading. It is not fixed to just what the director of the movie wants people to see, or their idea of the book. Books leave the way open for everyone to see what they want to see. It is not limited by technology, only the imagination.
Books are amazing. There are people out there that still read despite the advances in technology and abundance of movies and TV shows. “His advice to the young was...

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