What Is Happiness To You? Essay

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What is happiness?
People have constantly tried seeking out what happiness truly is, and have attempted to achieve this happiness. This may be because there is no true idea of happiness. One might say graduating high school is achieving happiness, another might say getting that dream job they have always been wanting is achieving their happiness. As individual’s we set our own goals willingly risking it in order to reach happiness. Although happiness can be achieved, a person has to be willing to take the risk.
Many people believe that happiness is simply a state of joy; to me, happiness is much more complex. Absolute happiness is anything that brings feelings of pure bliss to an individual’s life. One can gain happiness from simple pleasures of life, such as receiving a kiss from a three-year old, to advanced pleasures, such as a happy marriage or a successful career. Dr. Seligman, a well-known psychologist and proponent of positive psychology, identified three types of happiness: pleasant life, engaged life, and meaningful life. Although Dr. Seligman states that the ultimate forms of happiness are “Engaged life” and “meaningful life”, I believe that “pleasant life” happiness is just as important.
One type of happiness is “engaged life”. “Engaged life” happiness involves exploring and understanding one’s strength and abilities to the benefit of themselves and society. When wrestling, life engages. As soon as the ref blows that whistle, I feel as if all my surroundings blur. Maybe I feel this way because when wrestling I am in full control of what happens. During that time, all cares and doubts seem to disappear. Knowing I left it all on the mat, then getting my hand raised, snapping back out of it. That feeling I experience when I achieve a goal is happiness.
Another type of happiness is...

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