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What Is Hardware? Essay

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I have already learned hardware since week 2, and already done all the tutorial question on time. I have study about it, and read many books, today I want to tell about hardware, hardware is most important devices of people ….since the computer was born….
What is hardware?
Hardware is a ware which you can touch and you can see. They need a computer function. It a hardware can be related to input, output and storage. They also can be call as physical component, such external hard disk (HDD), internal hard disk, mouse and etc.

Input and output
Input is a hardware you give command, giving information thru the hardware for example mouse and keyboard. Input always coming with the result, for example when you want to print something you must use the mouse to click and picture will be the result.
Output is a hardware that consist result, such as printer (the text or picture was printed is the result command by using input) screen (display picture or movement), speaker (amplifier song or sound) Output is data that has been processed into a useful form. (Gary B.Shelly 2011)
Input – mouse
Mouse is a most common use in life and also famous hardware in the world, who named the mouse? Is Doug Engelbart. History of mouse, in 1960s mouse was built by wooden shell with two metal wheels, this look old types but in that time they use mouse graphic design. In 1970s Bill English was create a new type of mouse using balls. The ball mouse most create for graphical user….
Now we using optical mouse, much more effective and accurate, faster than other. And they are wireless and non-wireless, they are more saving electric.

Keyboards allow a computer user to input letters, numbers, and other symbols into a computer. Normally user use to type email, key in information.

Barcode reader
Barcode reader is a hardware device capable of reading a barcode and printing out the particulars of the product or classification that product into a database. We can always saw this device in the supermarket and library, this device is to help people to keep whatever things they need to remember in a database.

Digital camera
A digital camera is a mobile device that allows users to take pictures and store the photo images digitally, instead of on traditional film. (Gary B.Shelly 2011). For example when a user already taken a photo they can directly send to the computer or store in a memory card….
Printer have many types such as laser printer, inkjet printer and dot-matrix printer. Laser printer is cheap than other and the printing usage and the faster of print is higher than other, it using powder to form word, inkjet the ink is different than LaserJet because inkjet using spray to print the product.
Video Displays
Video display is a output contain high graphic, another name of this is call screen, this can be divide into three
– Cathode-ray tube (CRT)
– Liquid crystal displays (LCDs)
– Plasma displays

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