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History is a study of how the world has evolved by events in the past. It is a record of human experiences; our lives have been formed by superior institutions, ideas, and inspired works. Without the knowledge of our past, there would be little direction in our society as we learn form the past to predict the future.The Oxford dictionary, defines history as "A continuous, usually chronological, record of important or public events"Another definition of history says that it "The total accumulation of past events especially relating to human affairs or to the accumulation of developments connected to a particular nation, person, thing etc." In my opinion history does not have to be written in order for it to be relevant or to have an impact. Even a story passed from generation to generation with give clues from the past as a form of history. Whether it is written or not does not affect the truth or facts of the situation.The knowledge we gain by studying history is mostly from the collective records of our past. We can learn the reasons why particular governments succeeded while others failed. Trade and commerce have existed since civilization originated and by studying economic records we may learn the solutions to any problems we come to today. One aspect of history which affects everybody is our social record. Every culture's traditions has made some contribution to the society. One of the most important reasons for studying our history is simple self-preservation.Skills that have been passed down from generation-to-generation which has enable humans to survive. Skills such as communication and cartography are the key to our survival. Maps are a clearly a record of history; a simple map can...

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What is History? Essay

1083 words - 4 pages What is History? The definition of history, is a question which has sparked international debate for centuries between the writers, readers, and the makers of history. In the words of acclaimed historian Edward Gibbon, "History is indeed little more than the register of the crimes, follies and misfortunes of mankind." A more romantic view on the subject was taken by Cicero. He said, "History is the witness that testifies the passing of

What is World History? Essay

4790 words - 19 pages What is world history? Bruce Mazlish contends that "world" history, as opposed to "global" history, is the study of systemic processes of interaction among diverse peoples, best typified by the work of William H. McNeill. By contrast, "global" history is the history of globalization, a process that Mazlish argues did not begin to occur on a significant scale until at least the 1950s, and, more plausibly, the 1970s. Citing prominent economic

What is Our True History

828 words - 4 pages , Quinn discusses his stories with us through parable and allusion so we (the readers) can identify better with what he’s telling us, creating images in our head that we can relate to and understand very easily. The legends he describes become clear and vivid in the way he tells his versions of the truth. All the different tribes and cultures Quinn describes give the impression that what he is saying is true because they tie so closely to what we’ve heard and learned from when we were young. Creating questions in our minds, making us wonder if his accounts of history hold any truths and if they do, what should we do about it, if anything?

Schizophrenia. What is schizophrenia? What are the causes? What is it's history? What are the symptoms? How is it treated? What are the different forms of the disorder?

3275 words - 13 pages alien messages from library books and that they were telling him that the world would soon come to and end and he would end up living in outer space with a blue space women. They would be the only survivors and would start their own new species of turquoise people.Another positive symptom is hallucinations. The person may smell, hear, and see what is not really there. The most common hallucinations are voices. Sometimes the voices are talking to

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1020 words - 4 pages suspicious.Based on the evidence stated above, the UFO theory seems more reliable. The US government changed their statement twice, which makes people doubt the reliability of what they say. It is most likely they are covering up the truth behind this mystery. Therefore, I believe that the UFO theory to be a reasonable explanation.Bibliography:Stenner, J. (2000). The Roswell Mystery; A History X-File. Classroom Resources Ltd. Bristol, EnglandStrange and

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707 words - 3 pages The Jews were not the only group of people who were used as scapegoats to further the cause of ruthless people. Throughout history, a myriad of people have been wrongly persecuted for belonging to a specific social group.One example of scapegoating is seen in the infamous "Sacco and Vanzetti" trail in which Italian anarchists Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti were arrested outside Boston in 1920 and charged with robbing and killing a shoe

What if? Counter-factual history is very crucial to our understanding of the nature of history. What if Henry Agard Wallace was not dropped from the ticket in 1944? What would have happened?

1357 words - 5 pages What if? Counter-factual history is very crucial to our understanding of the nature of history. It shows us how even the smallest event in the past has shaped our world today. Much of our history has been formed from chance and luck. What counter-factual history does is explores the alternative routes that an event could have yielded had it turn out differently. It teaches us what type of outcome could have occurred and opens our minds to the

Joseph Stalin: This is basicly an essay of Joseph Stalin's life, what he did, and why he's in our history.

726 words - 3 pages power in exactly this way--by controlling all appointments, setting agendas, and moving around Party staff in such a way that eventually everyone who counted for anything owed their position to him. By the time the Party's intellectual core realized what had happened, it was too late. Stalin had his (mostly mediocre) people in place, while Lenin, the only person with the moral authority to challenge him, was on his deathbed and incapable of

This essay is written on the future of history, basically explaining what I think my children will be learning in their history classes.

732 words - 3 pages reality television. What about when you ask a question concerning the upcoming presidential election or the war on terror? Over time our society has replaced history books with fashion magazines and the local news with the latest sitcom. America has become a mistrusted society that is leaving little impact on its people, causing the same mistakes to reoccur.Leisure time is something Americans dated all the way back to the early 1900's. Although

History and what is teaches us

559 words - 2 pages "History teaches that history teaches us nothing". These are the words of the great German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Whilst forming my response to these remarkable words, I stumbled upon the words of many other laureates, intellectuals and philosophers, who have also challenged the reasoning and thought of man. And through the words of these individuals I tried to make sense of this astute pun. This pun is blatantly harsh. And

What is Literacy? Desciption of literacy history.

749 words - 3 pages Literacy, commonly considered the ability to read and write at a designated level of proficiency. Literacy is more precisely defined as a technical capability to decode or reproduce written or printed signs, symbols, or letters combined into words. Traditionally, literacy has been closely associated with the alphabet and its role in written communication. Literacy has also traditionally been contrasted with oral communication. However, it has

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What Is History. Essay

655 words - 3 pages The meaning of history varies from person to person. I am going to tell you what the word history means to me, as well as how history affects society, and what roles historians play in this.My idea of history is a way of remembering the past, so that you can avoid making the same mistakes as people of earlier times made and plan for the future. Through the mistakes of people from the past, we can learn what not to do. I think this is best stated

What Is History Essay

698 words - 3 pages Review of What is History by Edward Hallet CarrSubmitted byMark John Stewart CampbellStudent Code W14038527Submitted toStudent Advice and Support CentreNorthumbria University NewcastleAs part of the requirements for the assignment due for module course titledHistory BA (Hons)HI 0412 Making HistoryFor historians, What is History? has been contemplated as one of the greatest historical books published in Britain within twentieth century. When

What Is History Essay

669 words - 3 pages Everyone is the world has a different idea of what history really is. History is defined to be the study of past events, particularly in human affairs in chronological order. By learning history we learn the mistakes that our ancestors have made but we are not taught the real truth about their actions. History is basically a story, we are not really sure if everything that we have read in our histories books over the years are even true. There

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2046 words - 8 pages what the audience wants. This can create conflicts in the long run. Audience tend to add their own meaning to history, they have a particular idea of how it happened. This concept is referred to as memory. The term memory does not just mean an individual’s experience. In this case, a community can have a memory of the past. Some stories are told and passed down and others are simply ignored to create the communities’ own understanding of what