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What Is Human Nature: A Literature Review Of The Philosophy Of Science And Evolutionary Psychology

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When psychologists speak about human-nature, it is as if we are no longer apart of human-nature. Human-nature appears to be discussed in the sense of dehumanized, sub-human, animals that are no longer part of nature at all. Is it truly possible that we are so far gone from what we were evolved to be that we no longer have a human-nature (Morton & Postmes, 2011; Fisher, 2012)? Current sociological writing generally avoids the term human-nature and gets by without it (Leahy, 2012). How do we answer this complex question when the two fields who study humans directly no longer use the term? “To all intent and purposes a newborn human baby is helpless. Not only is it physically dependent on older ...view middle of the document...

This microstructural property also constitutes a sense in which all samples of gold are fundamentally the same. One might think that a similar story can be told about species: perhaps species, too, are natural kinds, again with microstructural essences. However, this way of thinking about species has been almost universally rejected among biologists and philosophers of biology. Most taxonomic philosophies instead regard species members as united not by virtue of possessing similar intrinsic properties, but instead in analyzing how they stand in to each other (Okasha, 2002). According to Dewitt (2008, 2010), internal genetic properties go some way to explaining the characteristics of explaining the biological species. Dewitt's view is the causal explanation of (say) why tigers develop in such a way to develop to grow stripes, which in part can be explained by the pattern of genetic material that tiger has. Dewitt takes it that some perhaps unruly pattern of genetic variation is characteristic of a species, hinting that species may be defined as loose “genotypic clusters.” Edouard Machery (2008), however, feels the nominal conception has it that human-nature is the set of properties that humans tend to possess as a result of their evolutionary history. Human-nature consists in traits that are common among humans, but this does not mean there is anything wrong in failing to possess one of these traits, nor does it mean there is anything morally right in exemplifying the statistical norm. This means that human-nature consists nothing more then specific traits that are widely distributed amongst the human population, and human-nature is owed to the variety of evolutionary processes. Natural selection tends to spread those traits that augment an individuals capacity to reproduce, and yet there is no general reason why these specific traits are ethically...

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