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What Is In Consideration To Be A Typical Catholic

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The process of creating stereotypes and misconceptions have always existed,as it is natural for humans to do this. Stereotypes are most commonly created when a small group within their larger group have done certain things, which can range from how they act to what they wear and everything in between, to eventually having the entire group labeled as to what the general public will name them. Most often, misconceptions are then later spontaneously developed, whether it being seen as against or for the group, usually for no exact reason. Of course, there is a variety of factors that play a part in why and how people are labeled, one huge factor being parents or guardians and the method of how their children were raised. Most certainly, giving stereotypes makes the labeler feel better and superior about their own group. It is almost a necessity to categorize groups of people because labeling everything makes life easier. When labeling groups, one doesn't have to think about one as an individual but just apply the given stereotype and immediately think that is what they are. These stereotypes and misconceptions are frequently given without even knowing anything about the group, but more primarily based on assumptions. For Catholics, there is an endless list of accustomed stereotypes and misconceptions.
There are so many stereotypes about groups that almost everyone could be categorized into a certain group. In Prelude: The Barbershop, Ashanti Young states, “The men wore pants that sagged. Their feet were adorned by the latest two hundred-dollar sneakers endorsed by Allen Iverson or Shaq.” Young was describing the typical black guys and of course this would be a stereotype. Back then, from the 1940’s to the 1970’s, the common way for an African Americans to dress was pants, nice shoes, with a nice fitted shirt. As culture and generations have changed, the group within the larger group began to change, regarding style and language, which eventually led to the majority of the group to adapt to the smaller groups ways. The smaller group had given the larger group a much easier name because now African Americans are easily pointed out. When stereotypes are created, most obviously tension could be involved after because of groups given labels.For example, black people use hood talk, have bad attitudes, are always angry, and eat fried chicken. This is a stereotype because it has not been recorded that every African American living do these things. Although there has been a certain group who do do one or more of these, its not enough to apply this to all black people. There are people in general who do one or all of these things who aren't even black. Once the stereotype has been gone in effect, misconceptions then follow after. Again, regarding black people many misconceptions have been made as well. One peculiar misconception that really comes out of nowhere happens to be that all black people love watermelon. The watermelon just happens to be one...

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