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What Is ‘Information’ And Why Is There Greater Emphasis Today On Information Than Information Technology?

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Information can be defined using numerous concepts, as looked at by Strikwerda; one way of describing information is as a communication strategy “a signal exchanged between two machines with a well-structured set of states or messages”. (Strikwerda. 2011:21) Strikwerda explores the idea that information is vital to achieve effective communication between; staff, clients and competitors. Information allows employers to delegate roles and ensure a good understanding is maintained throughout the organisation. It allows business to understand the need of the market though communication with other competitors and consumers, so they are able to deliver desired goods and services; thus allowing ...view middle of the document...

Without information businesses would encounter a number of problems as there would be no real way of identifying what is needed to be successful.
It is important that a firm organises its information in order to help “generate, acquire, store, process and communicate.” (Beniger, 1986, p25). This quote highlights the importance of information in a business and its necessity to be well organised to help improve the overall efficiency of the business allowing information to be quickly found when it is needed. One way of organising information is through information technology, firms can benefit from the aid of spreadsheets, databases and online records. The information is stored centrally and can be easily found, therefore in this instance it is evident that information and information technology go hand in hand, while the data itself is vital it is also important that it is organised accordingly.
Information allows a business to cope with the uncertainty, research and development allows the business to draw up the benefits and drawbacks of an idea. This is a very important aspect of product development as it ensure a product is created that the customer wants as well as highlights what needs to be done to differentiate the product, giving it a unique selling point. This identifies the usefulness of information, however if a business uses other aspects in conjunction with information technology they are able to be benefit from a wider audience and gain a richer and more reliable set of results. This can be done through use of the internet; firms are able to carry out customer survey’s reaching people all over the world, as well as allowing them to identify how competitors are trading. It is understandable why more emphasis is place on information than on information technology because it is the information itself that hold the worth.
One possible reason for why more emphasis is placed on information than information technology is the idea that IT is a lot cheaper than what is use to be. This means firms can easily access the channels that they need and for a relatively low cost, making information the focal point because they know they can obtain information technology more freely. Due to transparency in markets as a result of technology, information is more advanced and therefore holds a larger amount of responsibility in relation to changing business market and business models, therefore it is understandable that a larger weight is placed on information than information technology. Another reason is the increase in competitiveness in the markets, this will cause firms to look more closely their information because it is so easily obtained.

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