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What Is Involved In Treating Schizophrenia?

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It is most unfortunate that medical science has not yet determined the cause or cure for Schizophrenia. Therefore, treating Schizophrenia is a hunt-and-peck effort, dictated by previous experience and ongoing clinical research. Obviously, the focus of mainstream medical practitioners is on reducing severity of symptoms and decreasing risks of further episodes.

This does not indicate that if you or a Dear One has been diagnosed with Schizophrenia there is no hope. The best asset for a successful outcome in treating Schizophrenia is a knowledgeable doctor, who is experienced in dealing with this debilitating brain malfunction. A compassionate physician who is willing to explore clinical ...view middle of the document...

So that olanzaphine and clozapine aren't considered first-line drugs for treating Schizophrenia.

Anytime antipsychotics are taken long-term, they could cause tardive dyskinesia. This side-effect is characterized by uncontrollable repetitive movement, such as lip-smacking, sticking tongue out and grimacing.

Sometimes antipsychotics fail to help and the physician may advise electroconvulsive therapy, where electricity initiates a gentle seizure. The aim is to alter brain chemistry, thereby reducing symptoms.

Granted, this is a lot of information to digest. Let's put the high points in layman's terms:

• Antipsychotic drugs are the best available medicines for treating Schizophrenia. It may involve trying several antipsychotics to find what works.
• Only symptoms, such as hallucinations are treated since the core cause remains a mystery.
• Side-effects of antipsychotics range from annoying to terminal.

Treating Schizophrenia with Therapy

Family Focused Therapy has been shown to drastically reduce relapses. When the family works as a unit to learn and embrace better communication skills, relaxation therapy, crisis handling and so on,...

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