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What Is It Called? Essay

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This happened three years ago when my mother gave birth to my little sister. A new cute baby took part in the family, it was a joyful news for sure, but the reactions were quite different from what was expected. Everybody agrees that a new birth should be a moment of happiness, where congratulations are exchanged and laughter resounds within the walls. Families are brought together for that special day as to see the new baby and how the mother is surviving after a painful and fateful giving-birth moment. This is what happened, but few people came and I could see some disappointment in some faces. The first one I saw was my grandma’s, because she was praying day and night wishing to have a ...view middle of the document...

My mother let her tears drop, she couldn’t handle it, and this is not what she expected. She understood what was ready to happen, she feared the change and was worried about her baby. For me, I was not that worried it was still an innocent baby but it was clear that many things were about to change. At home, during certain days, it felt like a death ceremony, that permanent happiness flew away with every good mood. Many questions came to my mind; how would she be treated when everybody will figure out how different she is? Would they laugh at her and take advantage of her naïve kindness or would they not even take her into consideration since she’ll stay be retarded for them? Those were really terrible thoughts but realistic ones. I’ve seen children like her many times and how people treated them. Sometimes I wonder if there is crueler than humans. It is a child, it was born that way, God made her the same way he made us but with an extra chromosome, it doesn’t make the child an alien nor a monster to fear. She is the most adorable thing I have ever seen, she is full of tenderness and brings a smile to every face that met her. While my family grieved, I saw the gift my mother gave us and just few days later, my family woke up. “We should make the best of her life”, we agreed, “She deserves a good quality of life”.
My sister’s birth and what was announced after...

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