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What Is Just Is Not Always Right

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Every day of every year, people walk about the earth with differing moral standards, making it difficult for society to set a predetermined definition of right and wrong; what may seem right to one person, may seem wrong to another, causing each person to confront injustices in different ways. Therefore, an individual has the role of preventing or supporting an injustice depending on whether his or her morals consider it one. Morals, which some people obtain by stepping into another person's shoes, will identify the injustice. Every moral of each person will put a different value, and a different importance on each wrongdoing, fault, or offense. The differences in individuals will cause a ...view middle of the document...

As citizens of any country, people are called to abide by the law. Laws are written to ensure that justice prevails, and officials, such as the police, enforce them. However, Henry David Thoreau argued that "Law never made men a whit more just" (par. 4). This avowal shines a new light on the way people view the law and brings up one frequently asked question: why? The community has always been informed that the law is a guideline to justice. What people fail to see is that the law has its limitations, and every individual has to become aware of this in order to avert injustice from taking place to begin with. Furthermore, Thoreau's claim is well supported by the work of John Steinbeck. Steinbeck provided a brief description of an incident that involved a man who secretly cultivated a garden among some Jimson weed, on property that was not his own. A deputy sheriff came upon this and destroyed the garden, reasoning that trespassing was against the law (Steinbeck 259). In Steinbeck's description, from The Grapes of Wrath, the gardener was only trying to feed his family and himself and was not trying to harm anybody. However, trespassing on someone's property is against the law, but is causing someone to starve acceptable? Punishing someone for breaking the law is supposed to be the right thing to do, but this situation proves otherwise.
People need to face injustice sooner or later and put a stop to it. This is hard to accomplish, because people avoid confronting it, and as soon as injustice seems to be resolved it reoccurs. In most situations it's like avoiding hitting a turtle on the road, then somebody hitting it, but it still lives, only to be subdued for a short interval (Steinbeck 14-16). One of the most recurring injustices that fits this description deals with the...

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