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What Is Kickstarter And How Does It Work

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Kickstarter was launched April of 2009. This funding platform was created to sponsor creative projects like games, music, films, art, technology and design, Kickstarters projects range from the ambitious, imaginative and innovative. They are being brought to the scene from the direct support of patrons.
Since their launch, Kickstarter was able to over $500 million worth of pledges from more than 3 million people and in turn they were able to fund and support of 35,000 project worldwide.

How It Works
Through the thousands of projects that are being funded though Kickstarter, they have really made their mark in the crowdfunding scene. Each of these projects is unique in itself. Talented ...view middle of the document...

It motivates the people who are behind the project to promote their cause and to create a stir. Basing on experience, this practice works.
Kickstarter is mainly used for creative projects pertaining to Comics, Design, Arts, Fashion, Food, Film, Dance, Music, Publishing, Photography, Theater and Technology. For your project to be considered, as a committee or individual behind the project, you should present a clear goal of what you want to happen, like the completion of a book, or an album. Kickstarter is really not really into charities or causes. They are more inclined to arts.
Kickstarter is a company composed of 57 people who are based at the Lower East Side of New York City. Their main goal is to make the Kickstarter website better and more accessible.
For the people who are behind Kickstarter, they invest their time and talents in providing information that is solicited by creators and backers concerning projects that they are involved in. They continuously look for other projects that they can share with people who are into arts and all its branches.

Chapter 4:
What Is Indiegogo And How Does It Work

Indiegogo is another crowdfunding site or platform. This is where people who are into funding raising meet and interact. People who get together through this site are able to create fundraising projects. This is where many organizers – companies or individuals -share their personal stories and are linked to people who are passionate about the same projects or causes.

How Does It Work
Using the site Indiegogo, people or organizations are able to raise the funds that they need to sponsor their projects. Unlike other sites, there is no set limit on who can use the site. One catch is that there should be valid bank account established before Indiegogo will give the go ahead for the project.
Anyone who has an established and valid bank account can start a project using Indiegogo. Like other sites, they have a set goal and a set deadline for the projects.
If the project does not meet the set goal or funding, the fundraisers will be able to keep the funds that they were able to gather. Organizers are charged with a 4% platform fee if the target goal is met and 9% if the target is not met. Currencies that are accepted and disbursed are in GBP, CAD, EURO and USD. No other currencies are accepted.
The establishment of the campaign is free and relatively easy. There is no set application process so for people who are interested, they could start right away. Joining Indiegogo is free. The fee will integrate once there is money raised from the campaign.

The goal of joining a site like Indiegogo is to spread the news about a certain campaign, charity or cause. Ownership of the campaign or project remains with the creator – company or individual.
A commitment that Indiegogo gives to its clients is that the creator does not owe Indiegogo anything until the time that the campaign is able to raise the funds that they need. There is also an...

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