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What Is Language? Essay

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What is language? Language is the basic and indispensable thing in human’s life. Language is a bridge of communication between people, country or world. Language is also linked with the countries culture. In the world, there are many kinds of language can use to communicate. Language can use to make self expression or understanding other people. Language is processed in many different locations in the human brain, but especially in Broca's and Wernicke's areas. Children generally speak fluently when they are approximately three years old. The use of language is deeply entrenched in human culture. (APA 6th, p. 205; Electronic References, p. 19) When you read, listen to speech, sign or speak, a network of thousands of neurons is activated in our brain. This gives an overview of brain regions that have been suggested to participate in various stages of language processing.
When we say “language” people’s first reaction is spoken language. Actually language is including written language, body language and lip language. Lip language is another action by watching the lips when speaking to other people. It is kind of hard skills and requires a lot of practice, no one can teach people how to use lip language. Hearing-impaired persons may use dactylophasia or lip language to communicate with others. Sign language and eye contact are both including in body language. Body language normally uses torso, arms, hands, fingers, feet and legs (i.e., power posing, leaning back in a chair or slouching, keeping hands in the pockets, not maintaining eye contact). We always use body language in our life such as shaking hands with people when meet or say goodbye or tremble when people tightness. Body language is also useful in psychology; it is the first signal of human body’s feedback.
Dactylophasia is one of the body language; it is for hearing- impaired persons. It is harder than if we learn a second language or lip language, because those people cannot hear and speak, they only can use their eyes to see then learn how to use sign language to communicate with other people. In deaf-mute’s world, there are no sounds or music, it is a quiet world. But they can see, feel and use their own special language to join this social world. They use sign language same as we speak spoken language to each other and express themselves. I was seen a dance named “Thousand Hand Bodhisattva”, those dancers are both Hearing Impaired people from China. When they are dancing, their sign language teachers are standing at the corners of the arena. They give dancers sign on every tempos. They are the best dancer even they cannot hear.
Spoken language also calls vocal language. The most widely spoken language in the world is English. In English the most important thing is grammar and used to make a sentence or a paragraph. In different country people have many kinds of pronunciation and sentence order. People use their own country language’s ways to...

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