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What Is Leadership Success Essay

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Historically, leadership skills have been the source of many research projects and white papers. One such focus zeroed in on the three skilled approach as suggested by Katz many years ago (Northouse, 2013). The following analysis of Andy Garafollo and his management will be based upon the three skills approach of technical, human, and conceptual skills.
As Andy has three completely different managers in Kelly, Danielle, and Patrick, it will be important for him to understand each one’s skill strengths and opportunities. Northouse (2013) suggests that skills are the qualities that a leader calls upon to accomplish specific goals. Further, the level of management in the organization will ...view middle of the document...

Conversely, Danielle possesses a great ability to interact and connect with others on a very deep and understanding level. As Northouse states, she has the ability to be in tuned to the needs of others and provide such in the course of her business day (2013). Since Andy is specifically customer focused, this attribute has made Danielle a valuable and productive employee.
However, she lacks the technical skills necessary to perform her daily functions as a manager. She is numerically challenged, which has caused much consternation for Andy when running the front house of the restaurant. As leadership capabilities can be developed over time, it would be important Danielle to concentrate on developing her skills on the number side of the business (Northouse, 2013). Additionally, since she completely buys into Andy’s approach of a customer centric focus, it would be advantageous for him to continue to coach and develop Danielle into the manager he needs for the front of the restaurant.
Further, Patrick appears to hold a number of very versatile abilities when applied to the technical side of management. He is obviously capable of fulfilling roles in different aspect, from front of the house to back of the house duties. Andy could use Patrick as a resource to help develop Danielle’s gap in numbers and technical skills in the front of the business.
Still, Patrick shows signs of a weakness in social performance or soft people skills.
As Malos (2011) reported, “social skill is another key component to successful management” (p. 208). Further, Emotional Intelligence (EI) can be directly correlated to an individual’s ability to understand personal and other’s emotions, Patrick appears to be lacking such EI when dealing with customers.
Often, these types of soft skills or emotional intelligence can be taught or developed and as a teacher/coach type owner, Andy could work with Patrick to develop such skills.
Moreover, Patrick’s shows significant deficiencies in problem solving with an either-or approach. As stated by Northouse (2013), cognitive and effective problem solving presents a number of options and avenues to logically and meritoriously reach a solution. According to Carmeli,...

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