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Living in a technologically advanced society definitely has its perks. Today, we are fortunate to have the internet, Amazon.com to delivery books straight to your house, and wireless handheld e-books. Unfortunately, the days of going to the library to take out books, and speaking with a librarian for help on research rarely happens anymore. That’s why studying literature, and researching topics is essential for us students.
Literature can be described as a language. It has been expressed for centuries and throughout different countries and cultures. Literature is a work of art, which has been spoken in different structures and also for many diverse reasons. I believe that literature is another way to view our historical past as well. Throughout history, society has been grateful exposed to different styles of literature; non-fiction, fiction, poems, plays, etc. Literature has a variety of styles; American literature, Irish literature, African American literature, and also Women’s literature are only a few examples. I am charmed by Women’s literature, everything from Annie Bradstreet to Judy Blume. My focus is to show how women portray a major role in the making of great literature, and also their existence in the works of art themselves. Distressingly, for years we women didn’t have a voice and our ideas were pushed aside. An American Editor Joan Goulianos wrote, “There exists a rich and complex literature by women that goes back to the Middle Ages, a literature that consists of diaries, of autobiographies…of stories- a literature in which women wrote about their lives and from which women and men today can draw insight about theirs.” I want to examine literary works and extract examples of the role of the women; revealing empowering and the undervalued identity of women. I want to explore how women writers affected American literature, and how the literary works intertwine with the history of America. Finally, I want to prove that the collection of readings exhibit examples of vital American qualities that help portray the American identity. I want you as the reader to truly understand the importance of literature in our lives; past, present, and future.
Our class was privileged to have such an amazing textbook as a guide to exploring American Literature. The Norton Anthology: American Literature set gave us as the reader works of literature that have been seen as important to discover and examine. So many stories through the seventh edition could be used however; I want to focus on a few that I believe are important.
A story that The Norton Anthology introduced our class to was Revolt of Mother by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. The author of the story resided in New England during the late 1880’s. Freeman is recognized for her New England style of writing. I find to notice that with Freemans literary works she seems be clear-cut and undemanding. Freeman is known through women’s literature for her many works of talent. Freeman is widely respected...

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