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What Is Literature? Essay

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Literature as ProblemOf the set of problems facing literary instruction in foreign language depart-ments, the most recurring ones stem from the specific status and the role of literature, and its relationship to the teaching of language. In this country, as well as elsewhere, there has been an increasing concentration on pragmatic methods of communicative approach to foreign language teaching that sees literature as one of the mediums through which a language can be taught. In an almost canonical book, Literature in the Language Classroom, Collie and Sla-ter (1987) claim, as do most teacher trainers, that literary texts should be used in the language classroom because they offer:·valuable authentic material,·cultural enrichment,·language enrichment,·personal involvement.The shortcomings of such an approach are evident. The fact that the authors left out of their list two important, primary features of literature, namely, the formation of aesthetic sense, and the development of critical and creative thinking, and, on the other hand, emphasised secondary ones, means that they reduced literary instruction to the position of a facilitator of a more important process - the teaching of language. Recent debates in most social sciences, however, point to the growing importance of the excluded concept of critical thinking, especially because it becomes evident in many fields that traditional skills cannot satisfy the demands put on us by the increasing sophistication of our life any longer. According to Thomas and Smoot (1994, p. 34), "today's jobs demand higher-order thinking skills of workers", and, the educational sys-tem must reflect this situation by reconsidering its preferences. In their article, they summarise the reports of state task forces and curriculum frameworks on different educational levels, each of them stressing the need for the develop-ment of critical thinking teaching in all subjects.What is critical thinking? The fact that there have been many attempts to de-fine this concept from different perspectives (psychological, philosophical, etc.) shows that it is not simple. The complication is highlighted by its inter-disciplinary nature - it spans across all social and natural sciences, with par-ticular manifestations and specificities in each of them. When viewed from the perspective of Cognitive Psychology, for example, critical thinking is "the abil-ity to analyse facts, generate and organise ideas, defend opinions, make com-parisons, draw inferences, evaluate arguments and solve problems" (Chance, 1986, p. 6). For Philosophy, critical thinking is "the intellectually disciplined process of actively and skilfully conceptualising, applying, analysing, synthe-sising, and/or evaluating information gathered from, or generated by, observa-tion, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide to belief and action" (Scriven and Paul, 1992). There are also attempts at its definition from other...

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Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman (lens - in literature an author might reveal more about what is bad in the human soul than what is good)

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This essay is about the book A Seperate Peace by John Knowles. Wasn't really sure what category this should go under; it's literature but i don't know what it means by North American or European, etc

811 words - 3 pages setting things straight, but rather to make Finny see what his best friend had done to him. While Brinker is interrogating, Finny cannot take it anymore and storms out of the room where he meets his death. As he is about to run out of the doors he cries, "'You get all your facts!'" "'You collect every f---ing fact there is in the world!'" (Knowles 177). This quote clearly shows that the only reason Finny is so


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1427 words - 6 pages possibilities. To optimally use this strategy, students should participate as a whole group in deciding what words would make sense before the facilitator reveals and explains the covered words. The game format of this method is greatly enjoyed by students. In communicating the importance of teaching students how to use context clues, Greenwood and Flanigan (2007) used the old Chinese Proverb, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a


2696 words - 11 pages LITERATURE I. FICTION A. What fiction is Fiction (from the Latin fictio, “a shaping, a counterfeiting”) is a name for stories not entirely factual, but at least partially shaped, made up, imagined. It is true that in some fiction, such as historical novel, a writer draws upon factual information in presenting scenes, events, and characters. But the factual information in a historical novel, unlike that in a history book, is of secondary

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513 words - 3 pages What does the term literature mean to me?To me, literature is used as a type of healing. Literature is a collection of writings. Literature may be factual, gathered to educate and support further learning. It may be fictional, providing expression to the creativity of the author and allowing the reader personal interpretation to the recorded words. It also may be presented in forms of, novel to poems to short story to plays. It is an opportunity

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1547 words - 7 pages Even though my bachelor degree is in linguistics and world literature it is necessary to confess, that my knowledge in Danish fiction is far from excellent, if not bad. Having that in mind all commentary that will follow are to be given with humble appreciation on critic on the subject. In this essay I will attempt to use in full the spectrum of knowledge in literature and all the “linguistic instruments” that I have received during my

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