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What Is Love According To Different Perspective University Of Negros Occidental Recoletos Essay

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What is Love?
Love is delineating as one of the fundamentals of peace and unity, considering the intervention of such interferences and varying perspective of every persons. Love is a chain of emotion which sometimes the complex mechanism could not understand and control. However, love is express in different ways that might have different purpose and levels. On the other hand, love can cause problems that may include heartaches, destructing oneself and even ruining such personalities but at the end the importance of love really is the focus of everything else.
One of the important features of love in life is to make healthy relationship to his fellowmen. A healthy relationship can be the foundation of a strong community. Just like the old times quotation “No man is an Island” behind all of this is the love for each other foreseeing the result will be unity, hence, love is the foundation of every “unity” and can only be gain through healthy relationship by the support of socialization.
Before the community there must be some constituent parts which are the “families” that puzzle up the community. Family really are the one whom you can run to, the love that they gave is forever warm and inimitable. They love you before anything else, just like the quotation in the movie Gifted “He likes me before I was smart”, Mary Adler, his uncle is just like our family who were there before and after you fail. The time may go through any holes of the earth but truly the love of family will persistently be around, engrave...

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