What Is Love In Dryden's "All For Love" ?

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Love, the way that we understand the reality of life. Sometimes it becomes the life itself, and sometimes the reality itself. Love for parents, for a pet, for friends, and the most famous one for a beloved are some kinds of love. All kinds drive us to understand the life.However, love opens new doors. Thus, we look for the fundamental idea of love, its kinds. Which love is the true one, the love that we fall in, the one that we think of, is the main question at the beginning of a love. Then, what is the reality of love, who is the best beloved, the one who never minds your deficiencies, or who says the truth in all situations follows the main question.Many other questions about love divide love into many other kinds. But, still there is no more answers about love. Love itself is a pussy foot .People asks for more and concrete information that never concretized before, and yet. Love is not something that can be formulated by anyone. No body can draw a map of love, but can tell a story of a love. As Drydentells the story of Antony and Cleopatra.The future of love never appears at the beginning of love, as it doesn't appear in Antony and Cleopatra's love. Everything happens and ends an one would say the story of that love.People can plan their life, but why cannot plan their love? Who us the best plan maker of love, the one plans devilish ideas, as Ventidius's plan for Cleopatra's love, or the one who plans to come together, as Antony plans to join his Cleopatra.Now, let us try to answer some questions about love according to All for Love of Dryden, which is written in the age of reason or neo-classical period of English literary.First of all, which love, the one that we fall in, or the one that we think of? To answer this question some information about reason love is needed i.e. : Love in mind is under control of reason and there is no emotion throughout of it. In this kind of love we can count the reason behind love, and all of events of love either will be happen, or happened. If love is controlled by mind so it can be changed. For example, a man, who wants to inspect love, may alter his love to his reign because of reasons that are before him, as in the tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra.In Dryden's All for Love Antony alters his love to his reign because he used his mind and Ventidius washed his mind and leaded him to alter his love by these sentences:You are too sensible alreadyOf what you've done, too conscious of your failingsTo fury, sting yourself in mod revengeI would bring balm, and pour it in your wounds,Cure your distempered mind, and heal your fortures.(Act1 31-315)However, the emotional love never lets us to change love position, because the heart cannot think about anything else except love. In the other word the heart is the centre of love and it does not care abou what s happening outside of love it beats for love,and pities lover during the love. As Antony begs Ventidius not to hurt his beloved Cleopatra:Pr'y thee,donot curse...

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