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Management is important because it is important aspect of the success and achievement of an organization’s goals through a group of people. A skilled manager is not only capable of handling administrative activities, but is able to connect with and inspire their teammates in times of prosperity and times of change. In this essay, I begin by looking at the theoretical aspects of management and how it is a product of the relevant time period, before going into my own personality and background, and analyse whether I have what it takes to be a manager in this rapidly changing world.
Management is the art of getting things done through and with people in formally organized groups and creates an environment in which people can perform as individuals and yet cooperate to reach an organization’s goals (Koontz, 1962). By allocating scarce resources towards these goals, setting priorities and designing work, strategies are developed and results are achieved through the motivating and rewarding of people to do the work (Toor and Ofori, 2008).
Kramer (1975: 47) defined a management idea as a fairly stable body of knowledge about what managers ought to do to achieve goals with and through people (Huczynski, 1993). These theories are a product of its cultural environment and found its roots in the evolving ideas about the economic and human problems facing organizations at the time (Huczynski, 1993), and have in turn contributed to contemporary management thinking.
The traditional organization models established managerial control over employees, where managers provided subordinates with instructions and the organization was run by hierarchy, control, rules and authority. However, this traditional mechanistic model of management seems ill-suited to coping with rapid, turbulent global change (Suarez-Barraza, Ramis-Pujol and Heras). For example, Taylor’s Scientific Approach postulated that by shifting all responsibility from the worker to the manager, and then designing tasks so that the best person for the job would do the work in the most efficient way possible, workplace productivity would improve (Parker and Ritson, 2005). However, Taylor also believed that inefficiencies in an organization were due to the workers’ natural inclination to “take it easy” in the workplace, and so his theory is often condemned for being authoritarian and for having little regard for the social and psychological realities of the workplace (Morgan, 1986). Fayol’s Classic Approach portrayed the ideal manager as one who guarantees the organization’s operational integrity by asserting their authority whenever needed, whilst retaining the capacity to motivate their subordinates by trusting their capacity for initiative (Parker and Ritson, 2005). In fact, Fayol’s main functions of management (planning, organizing, commanding, controlling and coordinating) are held to still be practical for managers today (Lamond, 2004), to the point where even his words evoke similarities to...

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