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What Is Needed To Form The Longest Stabilized Oil In Water Emulsion?

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The purpose is to test how particles, temperature, and blending affect emulsion stability. If we were to use cold water, whey protein, and blend the emulsion, it would have the longest stability.

Background Info: temperature, colloids, , proteins, hydrocolloids, surfactants,
An emulsion is a mixture between two immiscible substances. When a substance, such as water, is mixed with a substance like oil, it will not mix. An emulsifying agent must be used to help stabilize the mixture. By adding this third ingredient, the emulsion will be temporarily stable. Foams are also a form of emulsions, where gas bubbles become stabilized along with the emulsion. Emulsifiers can be proteins, ...view middle of the document...

5. Repeat Step#1. Add the specific amount of the other ingredient to the jar. The amount of each ingredient is listed below.
Ingredient Amount (in Grams)
Sucrose 2 g
Whey Protein Concentration 2 g
Xanthan Gum 0.25 g
Egg yolk 3 mL
Flour 1 g
0.25 g
Absorbic Acid (Fresh Fruit) 0.25g
Dried Milk Powder 0.25g
Lemon Juice 1 g
6. Repeat steps 2-4.
7. Once all emulsions are done, pour it into the trashcan and thoroughly wash all materials that have been in contact with the emulsion or oil.
1. Connect the Go-Link temperature probe to the laptop. Open the Logger Pro application on the laptop.
2. Add 105 mL of water into the graduated cylinder. Pour the water into the foam cup and microwave for 1 minute. Once done, carefully take out of the microwave.
Emulsion Challenge Results

Data and Results

Experiment #1
• 90 mL of water
• 10 mL of Vegetable Oil

Control (No Ingredients)
Time (Mins) mL of Separation (100 mL)
0 0
2 8
5 9
10 9.5
15 9.9

2 Grams Sucrose
Time (Mins) mL of Separation (100 mL)
0 0
2 9
5 9.5
10 10
15 10

2 Grams Whey Protein Concentrate
Time (Mins) mL of Separation (101 mL)
0 0
2 6
5 8
10 9.5
15 10

0.25 grams Xanthan Gum
Time (Mins) mL of Separation (100 mL)
0 0
2 1
5 1.3
10 2
15 2.5

3 mL Egg Yolk
Time (Mins) mL of Separation (100 mL)
0 0
2 5
5 7
10 8
15 10

1 gram Flour
Time (Mins) mL of Separation (99 mL)
0 0
2 12
5 14
10 13
15 12

0.25 grams Flour
Time (Mins) mL of...

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