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What Is Network Security Essay

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What is network security? It relates to any activity done that applies some kind of network protection. Specifically, these activities protect the ability to use and rely on, integrity, and safety of your network and data. It protects against threats such as spyware, malware, identity theft, denial of service, and viruses. It also prevents unauthorized people from being a disturbance or doing damage to a network system. Network security is used commonly in the world today. If you get a job in a place that has a multitude of computers they probably have some kind of network, which will need to be maintained by things such as firewalls, virus protection, intrusion detection/prevention systems. Also, is it easy to set up a network with a level of security and how do they do it? So if network security protects the network from threats, what are some of the ways you can protect you network?
Generally, there is a specific section of network security that most people are unfortunately familiar with which is breaches. A security breach sometimes refers to a missing piece in the wall of protection that safeguards a network. It can be can caused by numerous things but let us discuss the main ones: Unprotected network shares, social engineering, denial of service, Trojan horse, macro viruses, phishing ,and administrator laziness. Unprotected network shares are network shares with very little to no security and sometimes are made so that the members of this network can access them from their home. This can give a hacker a very easy way to get in. Social engineering involves manipulating members into giving security information. This is sometimes seen when a hacker deceives a member of a network into thinking that he or she is an authority and requires their account information to fix a faux problem. Denial of service is a usual attack on a server. It, as its name says, overloads a...

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