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What Is Networking And Security? Essay

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“What is Networking and Security?” Computer users are more familiar with the importance of having a networking security system, but others may not even know why it’s important to have. Networking security is a software that is installed on your computer when it is first manufactured. It’s important to your computer system because it keeps the computer safe from hackers, viruses, or other malicious software that could harm the computer system. Even though networking security isn’t a necessity for computers, it still protects you and your computer from the many viruses, worms or even hackers that could easily find their way through your software.
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Today, networking security threats are all over the internet and the most common threats are: Viruses, Worms, and Trojan Horses; Spyware and Adware; Zero-Day Attacks; Hacker Attacks; DoS/DDoS Attacks; Data Interception and Theft; Identity Theft (“What Is Network Security?” np). A computer virus is a software program that is designed to go from computer to computer and mess with the operation of the computer system (“What Is A Computer Virus?” np). Many of the are stopped before they even start, but there is still the growing concern of what they do and the list of symptoms. They might delete or mess with data on your system, use your email and spread to other computers, or erase your entire hard drive. They normally are spread through attachments or IM messages.
It is proper to only open emails from people that you know or are expecting one from. They can also be hidden in attachments, illicit software, greeting cards, and other files or programs that you might download (“What Is A Computer Virus?” np). It is important to avoid computer viruses, and to do so you need to download the latest updates and antivirus tools, keep up with recent threats, run as a standard user, and be careful when you surf the internet, download any file, and open any attachment. If you ever get a computer virus, it is not important, at all, how it got there. All you need to worry about is how to remove it and prevent any others from getting onto your computer system (“What Is A Computer Virus?” np).
A Trojan Horse is a malicious program the can do things to your computer without the user even knowing, such as: Delete data, Block data, Modify data, Copy data, or even Disrupt the performance of the PC (“What Is A Trojan Virus?” np). Adware is any app that advertises a banner while it’s running. The app’s authors include additional code that sends the ads, which are seen through popup windows or a bar on the computer system. Adware helps to recover programming development cost. It has been criticized for using code that looks at peoples personal information and sends it to 3rd parties, without that person knowing. This has been known as spyware and has caused an outcry from security on computers and privacy advocates (“Adware and Spyware Information” np).
Spyware is a program put into someones computer to gather information about that user and send it to advertisers or other parties without that person ever knowing. It can enter into a computer system as easily as a virus or installing a program. Programs that collect data installed on the computer with the user knowing is not, spyware, if that user understands completely what data is collected and who it’s being shared with (“Adware and Spyware Information” np). Zero-Day attacks are attacks on “weak-spots” that are not patched or publically made. Also known as attacks that take over a security weakness on the day that it becomes known. These weaknesses are usually discovered by hackers, researchers, vendors, or even...

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