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What Is Nursing? With Quotes From Florence Nightingale (Apa Format)

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Running head: WHAT IS NURSING?What is nursing?Florence Nightingale once said, "You ask me why I do not write something... I think one's feelings waste themselves in words, they ought all be distilled into actions and into actions that bring results" (Woodham-Smith, 1951). I find this quote to be true because sometimes actions are more important than words (especially in the nursing profession). Since the early 1800s nursing has quickly evolved into what we know it as today. Nursing is a unique profession in that there are many different types of nurses, yet they can all experience the beginning of life as well as the end of life. Both nurses as well as community-based nurses can yield special bonds with patients and their families. To me nursing is a very worthwhile profession and to become any type of nurse is an award within itself.NursingNurses help people to maintain their best possible health, given their genetic and environmental constraints (Chitty, 2005). According to the U.S. Department of Labor, nursing is one of the fastest growing occupations and there are many good employment opportunities available for nurses (U.S. Department of Labor, 2005). That is a good enough reason why nursing is a great occupation for anyone to get involved in. To be a nurse one must be attentive, caring, and most importantly dedicated. To me a nurse is not only someone who takes care of you physically, but someone who can empathize and connect with you as the patient. Being a nurse is a full time job whether it is in the hospital or taking care of the family at home. A nurse should be able to establish trust with their patients and always be there for them in good and bad times.Community NursingCommunity nursing is one aspect of nursing that allows for a nurse to be in more intimate surroundings with the patient. According to our textbook, community-based nursing is health care provided outside of acute care settings (Lundy and Janes, 2003). Community nursing is great for people who want to get out of the traditional hospital surroundings and communicate with diverse populations in a certain...

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