What Is One Worth? Essay

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What Is One Worth?
In the depths of an individual’s being, lies his or her self-worth. Self-worth molds individuals into who they are, what they want to become. Self-worth lies at the heart of self-esteem. Self-esteem is, Palladino (1994) a blend of “self-confidence, self-worth, and self-respect. It involves respecting others, [along with] feeling a sense of harmony and peace within yourself” (sec.1p.1). The secret to higher self-esteem is the incentive to take accountability for one’s viewpoints, such as his or her aspirations, ethics, capabilities, and curiosities and to understand that these things combined is what makes them who they are (Palladino, 1994). However, the quest of higher self-esteem at times will cause sacrifices to be made by the individual to education, relationships, self-regulation, mental and physical health, as well as other concerns (Crocker & Knight, 2005).
Palladino, (1994) noted that “self-esteem reflects [who each individual is] to everyone with whom [they] come into contact with (sec.1p.1). Self-esteem does not remain the same throughout an individual’s lifetime. There are many circumstances that come and go that causes self-esteem to also change. As stated by Palladino, (1994) “self-esteem is both conscious and unconscious. It is an ongoing assessment of who someone is; a belief about what they can and cannot do” (sec.1p. 1). For example, when a person buys a house, self-esteem will be high. If a person loses his or her house due to foreclosure, self-esteem can be low.
Carl Rogers, one of the most influential psychologists in the 20th century, stated that [self-worth can be viewed as a gauge from high to low. There are times in one’s life where they are capable of handling the bad events that occur, and they are able to accept that and move on. However, an individual with little self-worth may elude trials in life, not accept that life can be upsetting, and become disappointed and will tend to cautious with others] (McLeod, 2007).
Vohs and Finkel (2006) noted that “via self-regulation, individuals come to realize their dreams and desires-to turn their visions of the future into graspable realities” (p.32). An individual’s desires can be anything from a buying a house, getting married, moving to a new state, or starting a new job. Vohs and Finkel (2006) also noted that “self-regulation is [extremely] important; it helps [individuals from] the self and the social world in which they want to be a [part of] (p.32).
Carl Rogers believed McLeod (2007) that “feelings for self-worth [established during infancy] and were formed from the interaction of the child with the mother and father. As a child grows older, interactions with significant others will affect the feelings of self-worth” (McLeod, 2007). For instance, teachers, friends, and other relatives can play an important role in how an individual feels about his or her self. If everyone makes an individual feel wanted and loved, the...

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